This Week: Gearing Up Our Summer Studies

It was totally weird this week not to wake up and go to Community Bible Study on Wednesday.  Our AWANA is also  winding down too, so we didn’t have any verses to memorize or activities to do from our AWANA books either.  So, it was the perfect time to pick up the pace on a new summer Bible study.

I owe you a post about how we’re keeping the Bible in our day during the summer, but in the meantime, here are a few pictures of the children trying to build a Tower of Babel and sculpting Lot’s wife as a pillar of salt from salt dough.


They also worked on their own art projects.  Mother’s Day art was finished and Firecracker began attempting to draw his Angry Birds in 3D.

big kid art

We also spent most of Mother’s Day with my mother and with my mother-in-law.  Here is a picture of my mother with all four children behind the banner card that Rose made.


The big kids enjoyed drawing chalk caterpillars with the little kids.  Firecracker even used one of my preschool curriculum’s counting worksheets to make up about five different kinds of caterpillars and their backstories.  When he starts working on a project, sometimes he really gets into it!

big kids and caterpillars

We worked through a new spelling list with Logic of English this week.  Spelling lists always make Rose feel a little pouty and upset.  She’s a perfectionist and hates having to sound out the spelling.  She wants to know!!

We also worked more on plurals and we really got into the concept of adjectives this week.  We’ve never discussed adjectives at all, so this is a totally new concept for my children.


For history, we read about Amerigo Vespucci, and narrated a page on him.  We also put him on our timeline.  We’re about to break from our normal history program for a while though because this week we’re starting to review one of the self-paced Veritas history programs, and the children have chosen 1815-present day to work through, so next week, it’s going to look like we made a big history jump!


Also, in history, we finished up talking about John Cabot by making our own shoal collages.


The children discovered a new fun interest in making perler bead creations.  In fact, we’ve already had to buy more beads and some different shaped boards for their creations.


We read our Peter Rabbit books again this week, and we made our own peter rabbit drawings that were inspired from the book.

Peter rabbit

We started a new unit study from Moving Beyond the Page this week.  We’re working through the book Poppy with an associated science unit on lifecycles.  To introduce the book, this week we talked about the elements of fantasy and recalled all the fantasy books we have read.


Firecracker’s also been drawing X-Men Angry Birds and making up his own version of a couple of poems.  While he’s been doing this, Rose has been sitting on the couch and making bracelets.  We’ve also read the first Boxcar children book.  Rose loves the idea of living in a boxcar but says it would be too much work for her 🙂

random big kids

Firecracker’s X-Men Angry Birds were inspired by watching the first X-Men movie early in the week.  The children also made these papercraft Wolverines.


We also finished our The Courage of Sarah Noble using our Progeny Press guide.  We attempted to make log cabins out of pretzel rods, frosting and graham crackers, but the results were mixed.

sarah noble

We also worked on the virtue of being gentle this week.  Gentleness is something that even this Momma needs to work on.  “We speak quietly and touch softly.”

we choose virtues big kids

We’ve continued to work with Learning Palettes and Learning Wrap-Ups, only this week we’ve begun to seriously focus in the the Ten Steps to Addition Mastery workbook and the addition wrap-up set.  The children have spent all week racing to see who can to their +1 table the quickest.  So far, Rose is leading at 24 sec. to Firecracker’s 25 sec. This week we’re going to add in the +2 table.

wrap ups

We began working through WriteShop Junior Book A this week. Since my children are slightly older than the targeted K-1 range on the book (1st and 3rd), we decided to modify the guided journaling just a little bit to include some copywork for Rose and regular journaling for Firecracker.  So far, they’re really enjoying reading and writing about animals.


I guess that’s about it for this week.  We’re pressing on full steam ahead right now! However, we’re hoping for an afternoon at the pool soon as Memorial Day starts creeping up on us!


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