Our 2014-2015 Preschool Curriculum

A day that I have both anticipated and dreaded has come to pass in our household.  My babies are preschool age!  Over the past six months, I’ve struggled as a Mom because I have two elementary school aged children who are still pretty dependent on me, and I have two small preschoolers who are demanding more and more of my attention.

As I’ve struggled to balance the needs of all four children, I’ve found that I’m reaching for a little curriculum to bring structure to our day.  It’s for my peace of mind and ability to manage the household more than anything.  I would love to spend hours and hours working and creating my own thing, but if I do that I’m going to miss their preschool years by being on the computer “working” at creating the perfect program.

I wanted something easy and flexible that wasn’t too demanding.   So, after much reading, comparing and debating (and some prayer!!), I decided to go with Heart of Dakota Little Hands to Heaven as our main curriculum.

Our 2014-2015 Preschool Curriculum


We also chose to add The New Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes as our Bible story book.  We’ve added The Singing Bible for music related to our Bible stories and Big Thoughts for Little People as a devotional study.  Between the four books, we have Bible, Letters, Numbers, and some music taken care of.



We’re doing additional art with ARTistic Pursuits.  We’re using Elementary Book 1.  This book is meant for K-3 students.  However, Firecracker and Rose are currently working through this book, and Monkey understands it well enough to work through much of it with them.  Owlet does her own thing and explores with the materials.

I’m also going to be attempting to include Monkey in WriteShop A with Rose as he is able and interested.  If I find that he’s uninterested, we’ll complete it a year or two.

We will continue to enjoy books from our bookshelves and from the library, and I’ll be including them in as many of the older children’s learning experiences as I can.  Monkey and Owlet are not ready or even interested in sitting and doing lots of work in one sitting, but they do want the special time of doing work with me, and they asking to begin learning different letters and numbers.

I expect to be using the Little Hands to Heaven curriculum for the next 18 months or so.  We’re proceeding in a relaxed manner, and even as little as there is for a daily workload in Little Hands to Heaven, we find that we often take two or even three days to go through each day on the lesson plan.  I’ll be chronicling Monkey and Owlet’s preschool activities (and the additional resources I use) in my “Our Preschool Week” column that will be running on most Tuesdays.


6 thoughts on “Our 2014-2015 Preschool Curriculum

  1. We love LHTH! I’ve been using it with my 4.5 year old (5 in August) for a little over a year, and we should finish up this summer. My just-turned 3 yr old joins us when she chooses. It’s simple, yet wonderful, curriculum. The Bible activities are always fun 🙂

    I hope you and your littles have a great time with LHTH!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! We’re still working on stuff from the first week, but we’re really enjoying it so far 🙂

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