Love, Skip, Jump Review

love skip jump

Love, Skip, Jump: Start Living the Adventure of Yes by Shelene Bryan is the story of one woman’s adventure in saying yes to God that starts in a comical way.  The reason Bryan first finds herself going to Africa is her burning desire to find out if the children she’s donating for are even real!  Once in Africa, Bryan is struck by the needs of the people and the resources that she has.  She realizes that if we, as rich people in America, skip a meal or Starbucks, we can provide meals and clean water for those who are dying in other parts of the world.

As she continues to travel and give to others in God’s name, she finds herself questioning what in her life is not in God’s control, why so many ignore the commands in scripture to help the poor and how she can give to the homeless here in America (since hunger isn’t just a foreign problem).

This is a fun book to read.  Bryan, although preachy at times, genuinely has fun giving to others.  She has big dreams for feeding the world and for experiencing the moments and divine appointments that God puts in front of her.  The point that she ultimately hammers home is one that we all need to hear.  Even those of us who are poor in comparison to others in the United States are rich compared to the rest of the world, and even when we don’t think we have something to give, we really do.

Disclosure:  I received a complimentary copy of this book through the BookLook bloggers program from Thomas Nelson publishers.  I was not required to write a positive review.  My opinions are my own.


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