Imaginary Animals

This week we started working through My First Hands-On Bible with all the children as one of our summer Bible projects.  As you go through this Bible is offers different activities to do to reinforce your child’s learning.

One of the first that we did this week involved creation.  What animal would you have created?  My children all had very different answers to that question.

Monkey went with just a nice pretty sheep.


Rose was a little more imaginative.  She made an elephant, Pegasus, unicorn.  I’m sure you’re noticing the My Little Pony influence of some of those elements as I write them down.


Firecracker proves his imaginative boyness by making up fire apes with swords to kill the bad guys.  There might be an app on his Nana’s ipad that has fire apes on it, but if there is, I haven’t heard anything else about it yet! LOL


So what kind of imaginary animal would your child make up if they had the chance to create a new animal?


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