This Week: Art and Star Wars

Welcome to my weekly wrap-up with the big kids.  If you’re looking for my little kid activities, you can check out our preschool week post from yesterday, but as you’ll see from the pictures, there’s some overlap in what we did 🙂

Art continues to be a popular subject around our house.  This week the children learned about filling up the page when they draw by creating backgrounds.  So, I laughed my head off when Firecracker made the tiniest drawing of a couple of Mom and Dad’s chickens and then had a bright blue background to fill in.


They also did their first ever crayon resist project by participating in the preschooler’s creation art project.  They found it quite amazing to see their white lines “magically” appear as they applied a watercolor wash.

crayon resist

Firecracker has also spent a lot of time coloring Star Wars, Angry Birds and Lego movie characters.  He’s using the characters to decorate our house.

big boy coloring

We also worked on English a little.  We actually spent most of our English time creating a list of words that end with the phonogram “ck.”  They enjoyed making words and even laughing at the nonsense words that they were making.

ck game

We’ve been reading through The Courage of Sarah Noble with the help of a Progeny Press guide. (I’ll be sharing more about Progeny Press at the end of the month!)  One of the hands-on projects we did this week to help visualize the time of the book was to make cornmeal biscuits.  They were a little worried about the taste, but they ended up being delicious.

cornmeal biscuits

They are continuing to work through the characters of We Choose Virtues.  This week we focused on forgiving.  Part of that was also not staying mad, and that’s something that I find myself often needing to work on.


Our Community Bible Study and AWANAs are pretty much over, so we’ve started some summer Bible studies.  Part of that is to go through a children’s Bible the children have been wanting us to read through together and do some activities.  This week we read about creation and the children had an opportunity to create their own imaginary animal.

imaginary creatures

We only did a little history this week.  We’ve decided to go through the explorers section of our history textbook a little more slowly, and add in some additional readings about explorers.  This week we read about John Cabot and both children we’re obsessed with the idea that he was lost at sea.  I like Firecracker’s on the right best with him dead at the bottom of the sea.  He also wrote, “John Cabot is missing (dun dun dunnn).”

john cabot

We started working with some fun new math and reading manipulatives this week from Learning Wrap-Ups.  We also started working through workbooks for “10 Days to Addition Mastery” from them.  I have high hopes for how this one is going to help our math skills.

Learning Palette

Last week was also Cinco de Mayo, so we celebrated by making ponchos and having fajitas and cheese dip.  Sounds like a winning combination to me!

ponchos big kids

It was also our last week of CBS until September.  Firecracker’s class put on their Spring performance by singing and dancing to “Shake Heaven.”  Firecracker got to stand and shake one of the clouds with streamers on it.  I think that was the perfect job for him.  His teacher knows him so well 🙂

shake heaven

The children also spent some time working on Mother’s Day presents.  Firecracker made the cards that traced his hands and said, “I love you this much.”  He also made everyone paper plate love monsters.  Rose made me a card on big construction paper and worked on an oversized card for her Nana.  I’ll show you her finished project in next week’s wrap-up.

mother's day

We read the newest Whatever After book.  It’s a book about Rapunzel and it’s called Bad Hair Day.  I bought this one the first week it came out because they’re loving these books so much, and they’re already very anxious about when the next one might come out.

Rose also spent some time mixing colors with her watercolor kit she got for Christmas this week.


The children spent the whole rest of their work time this week working on Star Wars worksheets.  I downloaded them from 3 Dinosaurs and Royal Baloo.  We also downloaded some coloring pages from Blessed Beyond a Doubt.  I was very surprised at how they took to acrostic poetry, character descriptions, word families, addition and subtraction when it was all themed around Star Wars characters.  They actually plan to do more this week.

We also watched all six of the Star Wars movies this week.  After all, you have to celebrate “May the fourth be with you” somehow!

star wars

I guess that’s about it for our week.  I’m looking forward to another fun one!


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