Our Preschool Week: Learning about Creation

Now that I’ve got children at two distinctly different levels of study, I’m going to do a preschool wrap-up and a bigger kid wrap-up each week.  This is just because my weekly wrap-ups, as I’m including both kinds of activities are getting a little overwhelming, so I’m trying to make things flow better and improve the flow of my blog.  So, without further adieu, here is our preschool week.

To begin with, we’re going to be using Heart of Dakota Little Hands to Heaven as our pre-k curriculum.  However, I’m pretty sure we’re tweaking it to last two years (I’ll be back later this week to discuss our preschool more in depth.)

Little Hands to Heaven begins with creation as its focus, so we read The Creation Story.  (This one is out of print.)


We also did a watercolor resist with white crayon and black paint, even though my paint looks green!

day and night

We also drew our own creatures for the creatures that God made.

connor imaginary creature

So far, the children’s favorite part of the curriculum is the fingerplay that we’re learning for “A-A-Adam.”  I’m so glad that I have the Heart of Dakota resource because I would have never done fingerplays on my own.

They’re also working on We Choose Virtues right now.  We’re on our second virtue, Forgiving, with Feather Heather.  We’re mostly memorizing the catchphrases and coloring the color pages.  I’m also looking throughout the week for ways to reinforce the virtues with the children by telling them when they need to forgive and when they’ve done a good job forgiving.

wcv preschool

The preschoolers also did our art lesson from ARTistic Pursuits with us.  We discussed filling all the space on a paper, and Monkey certainly filled most of the paper with his Wall-e painting.

prek art

We also made ponchos on Monday for Cinco de Mayo.  Cute!

Ponchos prek

Monkey filled up the rest of his week making Lego Movie and Angry Bird Star Wars “paper dolls.”  By this, I mean that  I printed out coloring sheets and he colored them and cut around the edges to make cut-outs that he lined up and played with.

Monkeys paperdolls

Owlet learned how to play Candy Land because her big sister taught her, and she spent some time with watercolors.


She’s also been dressing up in her Rapunzel costume and being a princess.  This has included playing with her ponies and her Frozen dolls as well.

I also finally got all of Monkey’s Cubbies patches ironed onto his Cubbies vest.  I think it looks really awesome with all those pretty apples ironed on.

dressing up

That about does it for what the preschoolers did this week.  Come back tomorrow and I’ll show you how the big kid kids spent their week!


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