Red Sea Rules Review

red sea rules

The Red Sea Rules: 10 God-Given Strategies for Difficult Times by Robert J. Morgan is a ten step, devotional look at Exodus chapter 14.  In Exodus 14, the Israelites had just Egypt.  Pharaoh has changed his mind about letting the Israelites go from Egypt to Canaan.  Just as the Egyptian army is beginning to catch up to the Israelite slaves, God leads them to a place by the Red Sea.  With nowhere else to go, the Israelites have to trust that the God who had brought them to the Red Sea would bring them out to victory.

Morgan looks at this story and finds ten messages that he wants to share to encourage those who are going through hard times.  From the beginning lesson which is to simply trust that God has you where he wants you to be until the ending lesson of remembering to give praise to God, these lessons are all solid examples of principles that you can draw from the story of the crossing of the Red Sea.

This book is diminutive.  However, a powerful book doesn’t have to be big.  In fact, it probably won’t take more than a couple of hours for you to read through.  However, it’s encouraging.  The message is timeless.  The apostle Paul tells us in Romans that one of the reasons why the Bible stories are given to us is so that we have examples of God’s faithfulness and instructions on how we should live.

This book does a great job at pointing out how we should live a life of trusting God.  It also reminds us that when we’re in a situation that we just can’t see a way out of, God is able.  God can deliver us.  He is able to do it in a way that is beyond our imagining.  Our job is to trust that he will deliver and to trust that even when we can’t see the way, God is there leading and that’s when a miracle can happen.

Disclaimer:  I received a complementary copy of this book from Thomas Nelson publishers through the BookLook Bloggers Program.  I was not required to write a positive review.  My opinions are my own.


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