This Week: Prayer and Dragons

The title of this post makes me giggle a little.  After all, these don’t even seem to belong in the same sentence.  Yet, here they are both a big part of our week!  You’ll see in a few minutes!

I guess I should start with the wonderfully beautiful weekend.  Storms were beginning to come in our way, but hadn’t made it to Georgia yet, so we decided to try flying some kites.  We also blew bubbles and drew with sidewalk chalk.  Perfect spring weather!!


The weather didn’t stay wonderful for long.  It was cloudy, rainy or thunderstorming for the next three days.  Our blessing though was that all the tornado warnings died before they reached the state line.  I can only thank God for that blessing.  He certainly answered our prayers.

Many of our local churches had banded together to read the Bible for the 70 hours leading up to the National Day of Prayer yesterday at seven different municipalities in our county.  I got to go read twice, once out of Deuteronomy (on Monday night) and once out of Matthew (on Wednesday morning).  My hubby went and read a ton though.  This is him around 3-3:30 am on Thursday morning.  It felt so special and wonderful reading God’s word in public in front of city hall.

Kevin Reading the Bible

We also had our last day of co-op this week.  The children in my class finished some Samurai helmets and masks that we’d worked on the week before.  (I’ll be posting more about it soon!)  We won’t be attending co-op next year, and I’m kind of sad because this has been a very fun year.

However, I also know that it’s time to cut back on even some of the good things in my life so that the best things don’t pass me by.  I hope to sit and write some about our plans for 2014-2015 soon, but I’ve just got to get them finalized first.


We’re also winding down our Community Bible Study year.  The preschool through 1st grade performed this week, and three of my children are in that group, so I spent a lot of time trying to find the right camera angles to take pictures of all the children.  They were also so excited about their performance.  It was good to be there.

Next week’s our last week of class, and I kind of dread it.  CBS is one of the centers of my week.

CBS performance

We did some schoolwork this week.  We finished up studying Columbus and we started reading about the other explorers that came just after him.  I’m actually about to down even more with our history program and go a little more in-depth with  the explorers using some off the recommended resources in the program.  I want the children to have a better feel for the explorers than they currently have.  They’re having difficulty keeping the timeline straight.


We also continued working on our Courage of Sarah Noble literature guide.  I didn’t take any pictures since all we did was fill in the guide.  I think we’re going to try to do a hands-on activity out of the back of the guide next week.

We also continued working out of our ARTistic Pursuits book.  I published a review this week.  You might want to go check it out if you’re looking for an art curriculum.  Even though this curriculum is meant for the older kids, I am really starting to be able to tell the progress that Monkey is making as we go through the weekly lessons.

ARTistic Pursuits


We started a new review product this week called we choose virtues.  The little kids are already enjoying memorizing the catchphrases and trying to look for the virtue of “obedient” in their life.  Firecracker is already grumpily yelling at me for repeating the catchphrase with him when he’s disobedient.  He is such a prickly pear sometimes!

We choose virtues


We also started a new online learning program for math and reading from Learning Wrap-Ups.  We’re also getting some products from them in the mail, and I’m very excited about getting the children started on the products.  I think they’re really going to enjoy manipulating the actual palettes and wrap-ups.

Learning Palette


The preschoolers danced about, had pretend sleepovers in the living room and made their own paper towel roll telescopes.  I’ve decided to add in some more structure into our day over the summer leading into next fall, so I’ve ordered Heart of Dakota’s Little Hands Toward Heaven.  I don’t feel like they need the curriculum, but I also feel like they need the special preschool time with me.  They seem to flourish when they get that time, so we’re going to work to build at least a few minutes into every day just for them.




We did read some books this week.  We read two Peter Rabbit books that were very sweet called Peter Rabbit and the Little Boy and Peter Rabbit’s Birthday.  They’re published by a company called Kinder Cottage Publishing, and Firecracker is really after me to get more of them.

We also  read another book that is destined to become a new favorite called Kenny and the Dragon.  It’s a modernized retelling of The Reluctant Dragon, and it’s really cute.



So, of course, to celebrate finishing Kenny and the Dragon, we had to watch How to Train Your Dragon again.  Inspiration struck.  The children are now wanting to make models, decorations, and food for a party.  We haven’t determined yet whether that party will include friends and family or just Hubby, but it looks like we’re going to be playing with dragons for a while.  I took that as a perfect opportunity to order the first two books in the How to Train Your Dragon book series.  I’m just going to have to see how this interest plays out!


So how is everyone else doing?  I feel so out of sorts.  I’m trying to catch up on the blogs of everyone who I normally read and link up with, and I’m  little behind.  I’m visiting everyone and enjoying their posts, even if it does take me a couple of weeks to get to them.  Hopefully I’ll have a chance to do a little more reading soon!

Homegrown Learners


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