Day in the Life: Easter Edition

When I said that I was going to chronicle the 20th of each month this year, I didn’t realize that one of those 20ths would be Easter Sunday.  I am excited though that I got to actually take the time and record our Easter Sunday.

I was actually still up at midnight that night.  Owlet had taken a late nap and was wide awake, so we were watching My Little Pony: Equestria Girls and I was reading More Than a Memory.

At 12:59 am, I noticed how late it was getting and remembered how early I was going to have to get going the next morning, so I bring Owlet to bed with me (Hubby’s was tired and has been asleep for a while).

My alarm goes off at 7 am.  I regret our decision to attend early service this morning for just a minute or two before I get into the shower.

7:11 am–I get out of the shower, put some laundry I’ve folded away and hop online for a minute or two to check my email.

7:32 am–Sit down with a bowl of cheerios and my Bible

7:50 am–Realize that I need to cut my quiet time short or I’m not going to be ready for church.

8:06 am–Get Owlet up and start getting her dressed.  The other three children all spent the night at my mother’s house, so my job is easy today.


8:32 am–Slide into church right in the middle of the first song.  Really enjoy Easter early service and our pastor’s sermon on John 11:28

10:03 am–Get over to the Sunday school building to get started with our 2nd & 3rd grade Sunday school class.  I change into my comfortable flip flops and we show a “What’s in the Bible?” episode to start winding-down our current unit on Saul and David.



11:00 am–Sunday school changes over to the 11 am Junior church service.  It’s our month to serve in Jr. Church, so we remain the the elementary school children.

12:36 pm–Leaving church

12:52 pm–Pull into my parents’ house for Easter lunch.  Try to get a picture of all four children together.


We have a delicious lunch of ham, macaroni & cheese, potato salad and deviled eggs.  There are chips and sandwich fixings too!


The children then hunt Easter eggs out in my parents’ front yard.


Firecracker and Rose seem to have ended up with the most eggs as they come in to see what they’ve found 🙂


Rose is the one who ultimately is the winner of the Easter egg hunt.  She manages to have picked up both of the prize eggs that contain dollar bills.


The other children don’t seem to care.  They’re too fixated on their little toys and candy from their eggs.  So, it’s dessert time.  The children eat candy and anyone else who wants dessert grabs some chocolate or coconut cake.

I need a little time to decompress (introvert thing 🙂 ), so I go into the dining room, far away from the children and sit and talk to my sister while I eat my cake.

3:52 pm–It’s time to leave my parents and go to my in-laws

3:58 pm–We have to pull over to the side of the road to sort out a fight between Monkey and Owlet.  They’re both feeling tired and grumpy, and Monkey has bitten Owlet

4:13 pm–We pull in at the in-laws’ house.  Monkey is terribly upset because he had fallen asleep in the car

4:32 pm–I’m watching the Braves game and scrolling through Facebook and Pinterest.  The children decide to go play on the swing set.

4:50 pm–I cross stitch a little bit while watching the game.

5:51 pm–Game is finally over after 13 innings.  Braves lost!  Now, I feel like I’ve wasted my time! LOL  I decide to take my book and go outside with the children.  By this time, everyone is outside.  The older kids are hitting the baseball with my brother-in-law and the younger kids are playing on the swing set.

7:08 pm–It’s time to go inside and have dinner.

8:40 pm–We leave in-laws house.

8:49 pm–We stop to get gas.  Owlet is already asleep and Monkey sings “Let it Go” from Frozen the entire time we’re stopped.

9:05 pm–We get home and quickly straighten out the living room and dining room

9:25 pm–The children finally open up their Easter baskets.


9:42 pm–While the children are continuing to play with their Easter baskets, I unload and reload the dishwasher.

10:05 pm–Sit and talk about the day with Hubby and the kids

10:28 pm–Start getting kids ready for bed and get them laid down (brush teeth, prayers, etc.)

10:56 pm–Have a snack and spend a little time with Hubby

11:24 pm–I’m exhausted!  Time for bed!


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