This Week: Easter

This week was completely dominated by Easter.  We had an Easter egg hunt Saturday, Easter at my parents and at my-in laws on Sunday, and Easter baskets to go through Sunday night and to play with on Monday.  I’m not going to write much about Easter here, but I will be posting a day-in-a-life post next week that will talk more in depth about our Easter.

I am going to post a few photo collages though 🙂  Just indulge me for a minute or two 🙂

Easter 2


Easter 3


Okay.  Now that I’ve shared my Easter pictures, let me go ahead with my weekly wrap-up.  We didn’t really do any preschool activities this week.  I’ve decided to purchase the Little Hands to Heaven  from Heart of Dakota for the preschoolers to start with soon, so that I can be a little more intentional with them.  I have the best of intentions, but I obviously need a checklist for a little while for them.

The highlight of our preschool week was that Owlet found fingernail polish in her Easter basket and had her fingernails and toenails painted for the first time.  She was so proud, and every time she chipped her nails, she would come running to me with the polish for me to fix her nails 🙂

Monkey’s done a lot of coloring this week, and it’s mostly been Kirby (which has also been Firecracker’s fascination this week.)



Firecracker’s been alternating between drawing Kirby and drawing Angry Birds every time he gets a hold of a pencil.  Here are a couple of his drawings (and as you can see a paper from a Progeny Press study guide we’re working through).




We’ve been continuing with art.  Every one loves our weekly lessons.  This week, Rose painted a very cool owl and Firecracker painted a bunch of Angry Birds.  Monkey painted a superhero and I’m not really sure what Owlet was trying to paint.

ARTistic Pursuits


We focused on Columbus for history all week.  We managed to get in a couple of notebooking pages and color his crest.  History has become Rose’s favorite subject because she loves all the notebooking that we’ve been doing with our history program.

Golden Prairies


We’ve done lots of Logic of English too.  I finally feel like Rose has the concepts in the first lesson down well enough that we’ve moved onto lesson two and added more phonemes in.  We continue to play a ton of Dragon and phonogram bingo.


Logic of English


We were also listening to The Sorcerer’s Apprentice this week and decided that we really needed to make our own sorcerer’s hats.  We didn’t have enough blue fabric for everyone, so we made them out of paper plates and construction paper instead.




We read some this week, of course.  We read The Bell Bandit.  It’s the third Lemonade War book, and my children really love that series.  This one didn’t have the overtly educational feel of some of the others, but it did deal a lot with family relationships in a good way.

We also read Sammy Spider’s First Rosh Hashanah.  We’ve been inspired to find out more about the Jewish New Year through our studies in Star Chronicles.  This is just a further step in that direction.

We also finished reading a book about different Mythbusters experiments.  We’d been reading about three-four experiments a week for a few weeks now, so it was fun to get to finish that book.



I think that’s really about it for our week.  I do have a great giveaway going on right now to celebrate the release of Nancy Fileccia’s book More Than a Memory.  I’ll be reviewing the book the week after next, but you can enter the giveaway now.

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