Weed Whacking!

The children have created a lot of art this week.  In fact, they’ve created a bunch of art lately because we’ve been using ARTistic Pursuits: Introduction to the Visual Arts.

This week we completed a lesson about showing emotion in our art.  The idea behind the lesson is that just as a writer uses words to convey emotions, an artist has to use motion, color and body language in a painting.

Then, we all completed paintings to show emotions.  We actually drew a drawing with our ebony pencils first.  Then, we used watercolor crayons to fill in the color.  (Watercolor crayons are awesome because you color first and then add water.  It’s great for a child who likes to have more precise control over his or her paint.)

Of all our paintings, Firecracker’s painting ended up being my favorite.  He had learned how to operate a weed eater while he was with my father one afternoon last week.  He decided to draw about the experience.

As you can see, there are the lines of weeds and Grandad operating the weed eater to cut them down to size.  I love my Dad’s glasses and the look of concentration on his face.

Firecracker is the little boy standing behind Grandad.  As you can see, he’s in open-mouthed amazement at the weed eater.

Even better than that, is the sun smiling down on Firecracker and Grandad.  Yes!  You’re correct if you notice that the sun is using actual guns to shoot out beams of light on the day.  The sky is completely yellow from the beams of light being shot all over the place.  I had to smile at this because Firecracker doesn’t even know what a surrealist is yet, but he managed to make a painting that has a hugely surrealistic image in it.



So, there it is, my favorite piece that the children have created this week.  I think I’ll just pin it up here on my virtual refrigerator!



2 thoughts on “Weed Whacking!

  1. Wow! That is great!! So much detail and symbolism in a very simple drawing. You’re right – a little bit of surrealism too. So glad you linked up on the Fridge!

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