April Cross Stitch Update

I feel like jumping up and down!  I finished Parrot Floral II last week!  Here is a quick view of the finished stitching.



I’ve still got to see if there are any spots to clean and iron it.  My plan is then to stretch the design over canvas because  I think it would make a great canvas, especially for the girls’ room.  I think the bright colors would go well with their bubblegum pink walls 🙂  I’ll definitely add it to next month’s update when I get it stretched and finished, so that you can see it the way it has always been in my head.

Since I was so productive last week, I also started stitching a Christmas card.  It’s a free kit that came inside a World of Cross-Stitching magazine called “Festive Rudolph.”  I don’t actually have the designer’s name on it, but he’s certainly going to be cute.


Rose was totally scandalized that I was starting a Christmas stitch, but my plan is to make lots of ornaments and cards, both for our tree and for gifts for this year.  (So, friends and family, if you see something in the upcoming months that you’d like to have, let me know  🙂 )  I’m a pretty slow stitcher since I have so many other things keeping me busy, so I need to get started doing a few things in between other projects now!


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