This Week: Relaxing into Spring

Spring has come to Georgia over the past couple of weeks.  We’re still having a cool day here or there, but more often than not, the days are beautiful and warm and we’re ready to play.  School will still be going on because we school year round, but just like last Spring and Summer, you’ll begin to see the pace drop off a little.  I could tell it in this week’s wrap-up especially since the children spent the better part of two days playing outside this week 🙂

I’m starting with the preschoolers because they’re so little and cute.  Monkey has been showing some interest in his letters, and so I thought it would be a great time to begin meandering through the alphabet.  So, we’ve started (and will be continuing) an apple theme with them this week.  I’m thinking about a monthly alphabet letter theme that will take Monkey through his pre-k and kindergarten and Owlet all the way through pre-k.  I’ll be sharing some more posts about that later.

a is for apple


We also continued with ARTistic Pursuits this week.  It turned out to be the perfect week to do the lesson about looking at nature and nature scavenger hunts.  The little kids decided not to participate in the actual drawing, so they just enjoyed looking at nature.  One of the things that I’m loving about ARTistic Pursuits is that we’ve started it in the Spring, and some of the lessons are so much fun to just take outside.


artistic pursuits


I also started going through and putting my resources together for the new history program that I’m reviewing: Heroes and Heroines of the Past.  If we hadn’t of taken a couple of days of spring break, we would have already started it, but we plan to start at the beginning either today or Monday.

We also read Who Was Amelia Earhart? this week.  The children though the first part of the book was boring, but ended up being fascinated by the mysterious end to her life.



We did some serious Easter crafting this week.  We made paper plate bunnies.  I love the footprint ears!  We also colored giant Easter eggs from Mr. Printables and we made chicks and bunnies from Krokotak.  I loved the way that they all turned out and we hung the paper plate bunnies and eggs up as Easter decorations.


Easter crafts


We were back in our Bold Believers of the Hmong People book this week.  We learned about the Hmong New Year and about animism.  We also learned some great scriptures to remind us to share the good news.




We also continued working out of Logic of English this week.  Don’t scoff.  This is our third week in lesson one.  Rose is truly having a difficult time with words like “hand” and “fast.”  She’s never really segmented sounds before, so we’re adding in a lot of the optional activities and playing games to see if we can get these basic phonemes down and see if we can get used to the idea of sounding words out before we begin moving to some more complex words and phonemes.  Firecracker is more than ready to move on, but he’s enjoying working at her pace, so I’m allowing them to work through it together.


logic of english


The children remembered some floor puzzles that they had forgotten about this week, and they spent some time putting them together and taking them apart.  In fact, Firecracker and Rose even raced to see who could put the puzzles together the quickest.




We also began standardized testing this week.  We live in Georgia and are required to test every three years, beginning in third grade.  It feels like such a waste of money and time because I know how he’s doing, but Firecracker is being very good-natured and cooperative about doing the testing.


standardized testing


We also spent some time working with the Maestro Classics CD:  The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.  We’re going to be working with it some more next week, using some of the suggestions in the guide and on their website, but I do have to say that Rose was inspired to make her own water xylophone this week without my prompting.  She also worked on adjusting pitch on her own to play the songs that she was interested in by ear.

We had our once a month bookclub this week.  Our theme was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and we made a triple chocolate cake.  It was delicious!  It was also our last book club of the year.  Sadly, by this time next month, all of our extracurricular activities will be over for summer.

We also spent an entire day at a friend’s house sewing this week.  Let’s just say that I’m still going to be buying the kids clothes!  Luckily, my Mom was there sewing too, or I wouldn’t have anything to show for it.  Since she was there to sew, I managed to come home with two pillowcase dresses for the girls.  On the other hand, I finished a cross-stitching project on Wednesday.  I’m letting it sit for a couple of days before I take some better shots for my monthly cross-stitching update.

My children also have spent a big part of their time this week drawing on our dry erase easel and our little dry erase boards.  I finally remembered to buy them some new markers!




I published several reviews this week and a Civil War craft tutorial.  You should check them out if you have time.  I especially encourage you to check out my Star Chronicles Review because I’m giving away a PDF  copy of the book!

I guess that about does it for today’s weekly-wrap up.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!


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3 thoughts on “This Week: Relaxing into Spring

  1. That cake looks and sounds delicious! I love the idea of Rose being inspired to make and tune her water xylophone. What great learning! Have a lovely weekend!

  2. So much fun! I love when spring finally arrives and we can be outside more. It’s motivation to my children to get down to work so they can explore. I love book club – and who can resist chocolate with that book? We continue our homeschool book club year round, have you checked to see if any other families would want to continue?

    Have a relaxing weekend!

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