This Week: Trying Some New Things

I enjoy doing weekly wrap-ups.  I do them for long time blog readers, friends and family to see what all we’ve been up to.  However, more than anything I do them for myself.  Sometimes, I get to the end of a week and I feel like we’ve accomplished nothing.  Then, I start looking at pictures and pulling my week together and realize that we’ve actually done a ton of stuff!

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I promised last week that we were in a state of transition with some of our products that we’ve been using for review being pushed aside for newer review items.  We’ll be continuing to use some products though, even if we use them a little more slowly. 🙂  This week we began Artistic Pursuits Grades K-3 Book 1: An Introduction to Visual Arts.  It was really exciting for the kids because Hubby and I had bought each child his/her own art tackle box and filled it with all the supplies that they’ll need to complete the curriculum.  This is also the children’s first time using watercolor crayons and real watercolor paper.  It was very fun and exciting!

ARTistic Pursuits

We also read a lot this week.  We’ve been working through Homeschool Adventure Co.’s The Wise Woman with Literary Analysis Questions over the past three weeks or so.  We finished reading though it this week.  (You’ll actually get to see a review on it towards the end of the month.)

We’ve also finished reading Invasion of the Ufonuts this week.  Firecracker actually read it last month, and I was reading it primarily to Rose.  The children love Arnie the Doughnut and his adventures always end in such a silly way!

We also read Three Samurai Cats in co-op class this week.  We finished a study of Alfred the Great and we are going into samurai armor, masks and helmets.  I introduced Three Samurai Cats as a way to introduce a little Japanese culture into the class while we changed gears.

We also finished Gooney Bird on the Map.  It was good, but I’m used to Gooney Bird being more inspiring and more educational.  We really didn’t learn much about geography as we used this book, and for the most part, Gooney Bird has always introduced us to new ideas and concepts that we’re not used to.  The kids seemed to enjoy it, but I ended up disappointed.


We started work on an Easter project that oddly enough involved painting cute little toddler feet.  You’ll get to see the finished project next week 🙂

bunny project

Speaking of cute toddlers.  This collage is full of them.  Owlet convinced Rose to build her a “castle tower” and she and Monkey really enjoyed being King and Queen!  Of course, you’ll see at the bottom of the collage that Firecracker enjoyed being king of the castle as well!

castle building

I seldom put church stuff in my collages, but did you know that my handsome Hubby teaches Sunday School?  Yes.  He teaches second and third graders, and this week he did it with paper bag puppets.  The pictures of my children in the plastic totes is also at a small group event we went to with a couple of other families.  The host family had an indoor drive-in movie for the kids.

church stuff

We also started a new English curriculum this week.  We haven’t done an English curriculum in two years, so it’s a little bit of an adjustment for us.  I’m starting Logic of English Essentials  with both Firecracker and Rose.  They love the games!  The actual workbook is taking a little bit of adjusting for Rose to get used to.  She’s used to being perfect and her letter sounds aren’t as perfect as she would like to be yet.

Logic of English

We also started reading Little House in the Big Woods this week.  I’m hoping that it lights a little bit of a spark with Rose just like the Birchbark House novels did.  We read the chapter on Christmas today, and so for dinner tonight we made pancake men just like Ma did for the children on Christmas.

pancake men

We spent all afternoon on Wednesday at the park.  Our Community Bible Study class had a picnic at the park after class.  So, the children got to go and run around with their friends.  They also got to feed all the geese, ducks, fish and even a turtle or two.  It  was the perfect day–sunny and warm without being too hot.  I love the Spring weather!!

park day

We also did some geography activities.  Mostly because that was the theme of Poppins Book Nook this month.  If you are interested in seeing our activities in more detail, you can visit my Poppins Book Nook post here.

Poppins book nook

Firecracker worked on a special Easter project at CBS.  He made a resurrection garden.  I hope our black thumbs can actually get the grass to grow by Easter!

Rose opened up her watercolor pencils she got for Christmas for the first time, and she’s painted several times with them this week.

I got a great package for review from Maestro Classics this week!  I’ll tell you more about it soon!

We also finally got back to our Charlie and the Chocolate Factory notebooking activities.  I didn’t get a picture of it, but we’ve been working on our Sunny Seashells unit study we started months ago too!

random projects

I’ve also got a bunch of random shots of the children drawing, coloring, and Lego tower building.  I also couldn’t resist taking a shot of Owlet watching Frozen.  Every time we have a chance to watch a movie, she picks Frozen, and she often randomly bursts into songs from the movie as she plays and draws.


We also worked some on our lesson on friction for Supercharged Science.  We made simple hovercrafts, and after a little frustration and adjustment, we played with them the whole rest of the afternoon.  If you’ll come back on Tuesday, I’m going to have a review up for their e-science program where you can read about it in more detail.

supercharged science

I think that’s about it for this week.  It feels pretty busy looking at it!  I hope everyone has a good weekend!!

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3 thoughts on “This Week: Trying Some New Things

  1. Wooza all in a week! Good thing you took pictures or we would all wonder if you were slackin off…NOT! Your week looked so filled with awesome activities! Enjoy the weekend!

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