This week: Paint and Markers

If you’ve been reading my blog very long, you’ve probably noticed that we have a pretty steady mix here between parent-led and child-led studies.  This week was more of a child-led week, and as you will see, it spiraled off into multiple craft projects!

Before I get into that though, I want to show you what we read this week.  We finished Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  We also watched both movie versions and compared them.  It was quite fun.  Firecracker keeps picking up the book and re-reading little pieces of it to himself.  I think he really likes the Oompa-Loompa songs.

We also read Magic Tree House #49: Stallion by Starlight.  Magic tree house books never get old for us.  We’ve read so many at this point (well 49 of them 🙂 ) that the kids see Jack and Annie as old friends now.

We also received in some new review products this week.  We’re going to be reviewing Logic of English:  Essentials and ARTistic Pursuits Elementary Book 1.  We’re also getting to review an American history curriculum called Heroes and Heroines of the Past.  So, if you see that some of our favorites that we’ve been using all year are getting crowded out by new favorites over the next week or two, it’s just some new reviews that we have going on.  We started playing with Logic of English this week, and I can tell it’s going to be a real hit with Rose.



My three younger children this week spent some time playing with cloud dough.  They were playing so nicely, then I went to go take a shower because I thought everything was under control, and I came back to them 15 minutes later, they had decided to use the dough as sand and bury themselves in it.  That was a mess to clean up.  Parenting fail!!

cloud dough


Rose and Monkey have been asking some color mixing questions, so this week we did a little paint mixing.  We used these rainbow worksheets to do color mixing.  We made paintings with our leftover paint.  This is something that I want to get back to soon with pipettes and water.


color mixing


We also watched a DVD about Sea Turtles and decided to make egg carton turtles.  They are as cute as can be!  I hear that more turtle crafts may be coming because Rose has a couple of ideas and things she’s seen on Pinterest that she wants to do, but we haven’t got to them yet.

egg carton turtle


We had co-op this week.  This week we worked on the feudal system through a proportion demonstration with M&Ms.  I first saw this demonstration at Claire at angelicscalliwags’s blog.  I knew Firecracker would find it lots of fun and realize that it’s good to be the king!  I also read to my class about Alfred the Great.


feudal system math


Rose also brought home these beans to observe from her co-op science class.  She’s impatiently waiting on them to do something other than just be beans 🙂  I also threw in a picture here of the boys playing with Mr. Potato Heads.  Connor’s remembered Mr. Potato Head and has been spending some of his time this week building them.



Firecracker’s been drawing again this week.  He’s got lots of zombies, mummies and guns in his drawings this week.  He’s also been drawing Uni-kitty from The Lego Movie.  I have to admit that my favorite picture of his is the “killed 4 in 1 blow.”  I know he’s been influenced by both the cartoon and the storybook versions of “The Brave Little Tailor” in his writings.

Firecracker's drawings


Monkey is always ready to copy his big brother and he’s been spending a lot time time this week drawing with his markers.  He’s drawn tons of happy superheroes and characters from the movie Frozen.  These are the superheroes he drew yesterday.

Monkey drawing


While I’m writing about the boys, I wanted to share a couple of pictures from my date night with them on Monday.  I loved our photo booth picture.  🙂

Mother Son Date Night


Of course, I don’t want to leave the girls and Hubby out.  Here are a few of our happy pictures from this week 🙂  As you can see, the girls are asking me to put their hair in braids some.  Then, they pretend to be the two sisters from Frozen.  They’re sisterly bond is really starting to develop, and I’m enjoying watching it.

sister love


We did continue our slow progress through Star Chronicles.  I can’t help it that we’re slow!!  LOL  Here we are painting the sphinx sculptures that we made last week.



We also began studying our first constellation group with Virgo and its neighboring constellations.  (These are our colorings of the Virgo coloring sheet in Dawnita’s book.)  We liked the coloring sheets so much that even I colored one (Bottom left corner!).  I don’t know why the children all decided to color her dress blue.  The book doesn’t tell them to do that!

star chronicles


If you’re looking for more of my new writing on the blog this week, I published:

Next week is going to be a busy week on the blog as I am writing  my Poppins Book Nook entry, a review of a DVD called Captivated, some resources for the Battle of Bull Run, and an author interview with Dawnita Fogelman for next week, so be sure to check back often 🙂

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7 thoughts on “This week: Paint and Markers

    1. Firecracker and Rose each usually have a book going that they want me to read from. When I sit down with them in the morning and do our Bible time (our only time of the day set in stone!), they usually each push a book or two at me that they want me to read from after we read our Bibles and pray together, so I’ll read two or three chapters from one followed by two or three chapters from another. 🙂

  1. I just can’t believe how much you get done in a week Rebecca!!! I think the older Keilee gets the less ‘fun’ pictures I can take of her learning. I always love visiting and seeing what you are up to. Arts and crafts and history and reading and more! You all always have such fun!!! 🙂 Happy weekend.

  2. Hahaha – I love that you took pictures of the burying in sand mess before cleaning it up! That is totally something I can see my little ones doing and loving every minute of it.
    I like all the crafty things you let the kids enjoy. I think I swing from embracing the craft mess of my younger ones to saying no to all mess and back again. I’m better with the older ones who can clean up their own mess well. Sigh. This comes to mind because I can think of at least three times I’ve said no to pulling out the paints this week. (My least favorite of the craft materials!).

    1. We have try to make sure that we make our biggest messes while my Hubby is at work because messy crafts make him nervous 🙂

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