Day in the Life: March Edition

I’m back with a March edition of my “day-in-the-life.”  Yay!  I actually didn’t think I would remember to record, but I recorded Thursday, March 20, 2014, as a minute-by-minute type of day in the life. This is a Thursday, just like February’s day in the life.  I actually recorded a Thursday back in January as well, but next month I plan on bringing you a different day of the week 🙂

So, here goes my view on March 20, 2014:

7:21 am–I’m out of bed, and I start my day on the computer.  I check email, message boards, Facebook, etc, and then begin working on a blog post.

8:23 am–I publish a review of the book Love Idol for Tyndale House Bloggers Network.  Yay!  I’ve had a productive hour on the computer.  I  work on a few more details for my blog.

8:41 am–Time for me to have breakfast and Bible time.  I pull out leftover birthday cake and my Nehemiah: A Heart That Can Break study guide and get to spending some quiet time in reflection.  Firecracker is awake, but he’s playing with his Lego minifigures, so the house is quiet.


9:42 am–Monkey and Rose are both awake and I fix their breakfast plates.  I stop to laugh and take a picture at the way Firecracker has his lego figurines set up.


9:53 am–While Rose, Monkey and Owlet (who just woke up) eat breakfast, I head over to the computer with Firecracker.  We begin working through some videos and experiments on gravity from Supercharged Science.

10:22 am–I sit down on the couch with Firecracker and Rose.  We work on CBS and AWANA homework.  Then, we read from our Jesus Calling devotional and a chapter from I Kings.  We pray together.


11:31 am–We’re finished with Bible time.  The children begin choosing read-alouds to read.  They decide to start with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Random but cute picture of Monkey.  He came to sit beside me and distract us from reading
Random but cute picture of Monkey. He came to sit beside me and distract us from reading

12:10 pm–  After reading five chapters of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, we decide that we’re really hungry and we decide to make chocolate (nutella) sandwiches and strawberries for lunch.

12:24 pm–Once all the plates are made, I go and check my email and social media outlets

12:33  pm–The children are still eating and playing so I sneak away for a shower.

12:54 pm–I sit down for a quick lunch of mostly tortilla chips

1:14 pm–UPS comes and brings the wind-up Lilliput toy that Firecracker has purchased with some of the money he got for his birthday.


1:16 pm–The living room and dining room are driving me crazy.  It’s time for a quick pick-up of those rooms!!

1:58 pm–Clean up took longer than I thought!  I put the girls in the bath.  The boys are playing so nicely with their toys and Firecracker’s new robot that I decide to let them play and clean the kitchen.

2:23 pm–The kitchen is done!  Since we enjoyed the beginning of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory so much, I decide to print off some notebooking and lapbook pages for us to make our own little notebooks for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

2:32 pm–The girls are out of the bath.  Time to get them dressed!

2:47 pm–Time to put the boys in the bath!  Girls seem to have things they want to play with.

2:49 pm–I sort through the pages that I printed out and pick a few out to get started with this afternoon.  Then, Rose wants me to help her find something to do.

2:53 pm–I start folding laundry.

2:54 pm–Rose is bored.

2:57 pm–I help Rose find something else to do.  Owlet is playing nicely with some cards the whole time that I’m dealing with Rose.  Of all my children, Rose is the one who wants to be entertained the most.  Some days I would work through something with her or give her an activity to do, but today I’m really not in the mood because I’ve got about 12 loads of laundry to fold.  I finally explain to her that if she can’t find something “fun” to do that I can have her help me do laundry.

2:59 pm–I start folding laundry again. Rose makes cardboard robots and Owlet continues to play with cards.  Owlet is taking them out of the package and putting them back in over and over again.

3:32 pm–I hear my phone go off with a text.  It’s my sister.  She’s emailing me one of my father’s school papers that he  wants me to proofread.  (He’s working on a psychology degree.)  When I go an check my email, I notice that Owlet has left a huge mess of cards on the living room floor and Rose has completely emptied out our craft closet and decided to reorganize it because she couldn’t find tape and it “looked crappy.”  I totally start to freak out, and then I notice what a good job she’s doing.


3:49 pm–Boys get out of the bath just as I finish reading and making some editing suggestions to my Dad’s paper.  I decide while I’m on the computer to print out a couple of muffin recipes.  Rose still has more of the closet to organize and Firecracker needs to walk the dog for a few minutes.

4:16 pm–We decide to work on some KinderBach lessons.

5:07 pm–The children start working on the cover of their Charlie and the Chocolate Factory notebooks.  I sit with them and file some papers.


5:34  pm–Rose is still working on her notebook cover.  The other children go into the living room and begin redoing the gravity experiments from this morning.  Then, they decide to just start throwing the ping pong balls and golf balls around.  I go in there and say, “No throwing golf balls!”


5:36 pm–I start working on the never ending cycle of dishes.

5:39 pm–Rose is finally done with her cover!


5:40 pm–We work out of our Star Chronicles book a little bit.  We make a little notebook page about the possible purposes of a Sphinx.

0195:56 pm–We decide to sculpt our own little clay sphinxes and pyramids


6:09 pm–Back to dishes

6:18 pm–Time to cook dinner because the children are all suddenly telling me that they’re starving!!

6:45 pm–Dinner is finishing in the oven.  I decide to sit down and get on the computer for a few minutes while I wait for it.  I suddenly feel very tired.  The children are amped though.  They’re all running around the house playing train station.


7:27 pm–I finally get off the computer.  I had just found out earlier in the day that we were going to review Logic of English: Essentials and I was re-researching the program more in depth so I could figure out what exactly we were going to get and which children were going to use it.

7:28 pm–I  decide dinner needs a salad and I start chopping.

7:37 pm–I ask the children to clean off the dining room table and I start making plates

7:42 pm–I decide to go ahead and feed the children, so the children start eating dinner just as Hubby walks in the door.  Hubby and I are soon sitting at the table eating as well.


8:32 pm–I braid Rose’s hair


8:40 pm–I cleaned up the kitchen.  More dishes!

8:46 pm–Firecracker and Rose want me to read more Charlie and the Chocolate Factory so I read while Hubby reads to Monkey and Owlet

10:12 pm–I realize that it’s after 10 pm, and despite having disappointed children, I put down the book and promise that we’ll finish it tomorrow.

10:18 pm–I go lay down with the three older children to listen to their prayers and fall asleep.  Hubby rocks Owlet to sleep while I’m with the other children.

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7 thoughts on “Day in the Life: March Edition

  1. I can’t believe your children listen to readalouds that long! My kids are DONE after 20 minutes of even their favorite books, and even that’s pushing it sometimes. Your day reminds me so much of ours- except your kids sleep later. My kids who are 9 years old on down usually get up anywhere from 6:30-8;15. You are a blessed Mom!

    1. They woke up the very next day and asked me to finish reading the book as soon a breakfast was over! LOL You know,sometimes Rose sits and colors as we read aloud because she needs something to do with her hands for as long as we usually read…especially with the preschoolers drifting in and out wanting their books read too.

  2. It’s fascinating to me to read about families that have so much energy in the evenings. I’m such a morning person and nights leave me just dead, but your family seems to come to life over the course of the day. What a lot of fun you all have! We loved Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, too. It’s been a long time since we’ve read a book that made everyone laugh the way that one did, but we’re reading one now! The Moffats by Eleanor Estes. Last night every single kid (except the baby) was howling with laughter and begging me to read more. I highly recommend it. 🙂

  3. Gosh, you’re brave having the children up that late! Although I’m a night person, my husband is up at 430 every morning so is fast asleep by 930pm. We put the children to bed before 8 just so we can have some time together!
    I loved reading about your day and I love that God makes us all so different!

    1. LOL! We have the kids up so late some nights that Hubby and I either get time together in the mornings or sneak in extra time after dinner while the children are playing 🙂

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