This Week: Birthdays and Games

This week was a big week in our family as my oldest child, Firecracker, turned nine.  There was a lot of cake, ice cream and legos involved in this momentous occasion.  It seems just like yesterday that he was four or five, so time really is flying here.Firecracker's birthday

I’m going to have to move on now before I get all emotional.  I feel just a slight tug of sadness at how quickly he’s grown mixed in with joy in the child that he has become.

In other news, we’ve also been driven into making up our own television shows and entertaining ourselves recently by our partial media fast.  It’s all thanks to a documentary that I’ve been reviewing for the Schoolhouse Review Crew, and I’ll be able to share more in a week or so.  This week, when boredom set in, the children made their own popsicle stick theater.

popsicle stick theater

We’ve also been reading a ton.  We read Whatever After #4: Dream On.  It’s a mixed up tale of Sleeping Beauty.  The children loved it so much that they’re waiting with barely concealed excitement on the next installment to come out in April.  (I’ve already pre-ordered it on Amazon.)

We finally finished The Blue Fairy Book.  We had started reading it a few months ago, and we’d read a fairy tale here and there until we were suddenly finished with it on Monday or Tuesday this week.  You can download these, without the illustration plates, for free for your Kindle, but as a pleasurable read-aloud a few times a week to the children, these are best enjoyed in the nice trade paperbacks.

Monday was St. Patrick’s Day, and my children’s favorite leprechaun tale is The Leprechaun’s Gold, so we’ve read that several times over the past week.

We also finished reading The Periodic Table: Elements with Style!.  Firecracker is still using it as an aid in his periodic table class, and he loves the cute cartoony illustrations of the elements as well as their fun descriptions in this book.

booksWe continued with Supercharged Science this week.  We did some bridge building and some gravity experiments.  Gravity didn’t photograph nearly as well as the bridges 🙂  I’m still putting together my thoughts on Supercharged Science, but I’ll be sharing  more with you guys in a couple of weeks.

Bridge building

We started reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  We’ve also about finished it.  The children are loving it, except they find the oompa-loompas a little bit scary.  I decided this would be a good book for us to do a lapbook with, so we’re using the one from Confessions of a Homeschooler.  I bought her first volume of her literature lapbook collection a couple of years ago, and that’s been a great purchase for us as this is the sixth one of her literature units that we’ve used in the past two years. (I’m not an affiliate.  I just really enjoy her lapbooks!)

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

The children have been fort buildings in the dining room this week.  They’ve also played plenty of Battleship and Sorry.  I also pulled out an ALEX Little Toys Button Art kit that I had bought the preschoolers on sale a while back and let them use it.  They have used the cards and buttons off and on all week with lots of “Ta-Da!” when they finish pictures.

fun and games

And, of course, there was KinderBach this week!  We never go a whole week without it.  I had to put up a photo collage this week because I loved the picture I took of Monkey cutting his sheet.  His cutting skills are really coming along.  I also loved that Rose used a composition lesson to really try to put words to her tune and create a song.


On Monday, at Rose’s suggestion, we made green pancakes.  Delicious!  Firecracker also did a nice Four Alls drawing for his history class at co-op.


We also finished our egg carton mushrooms.  They make great finger puppets!  We also did another mushroom paper craft that I got at LearnCreateLove


Speaking of LearnCreateLove, we also got new Frozen and Spike papercrafts while we were there browsing for mushroom crafts!


This is just a completely random jumble of cuteness.   My favorite two pictures are the sleeping two year old and the four year old who is so cute as Toad.  There are also several shots of Firecracker’s new birthday presents in this collage.


We continued working on Star Chronicles.  (BTW, I have a giveaway post related to that if you want to go enter!)  We’re still in the introductory lesson.  We finished our review of the Tower of Babel.

Tower of Babel

The introductory lesson also mentions the sphinx, and the children couldn’t remember what the sphinx was, so we colored one and sculpted some to help remind them.  We’re plugging away, and Star Chronicles is actually Rose’s favorite subject right now, so I’m finding it a daily slot on our schedule as we continue to work through this.


Here’s a few more random shots from the weekend.  Hubby teaching Sunday school, a dessert a made for a ladies Bible study that I’m attending, Rose wearing her new Belle dress I bought her and Owlet just looking cute 🙂



If you’ve made it this far through so much randomness, I’m surprised!  LOL  I hope my thoughts are a little more organized next week!

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8 thoughts on “This Week: Birthdays and Games

  1. Wow! Busy week! I love the picture of your daughter wearing her shades- too cute. We once used egg cartons to make little oysters. Looks like your son had a great birthday. Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Thanks! I had a couple of pictures of her really hamming it up in her shades, but I decided to leave those out since I have huge collages this week 😀

  2. What a fun filled engaging week! I love the “TV”! The crafting and Science look like so much fun. Happy Belated to your son! Our son will be 10 this year! Double digits – oh my!

  3. I love your randomness…it reminds me of my own days. I love how creative your kids are. And your homeschool…I love how you are always switching up how you do or present things. How did they like the Blue Fairy Tale book? My boys were not so fond of it.

    1. Thanks! We often get on paths without even being sure how exactly we got there! LOL….We liked the Blue Fairy book. Rose was a big fan of it, but sometimes it sat neglected in our book box for quite a while. I couldn’t get a good feel for how Firecracker liked it. I think he didn’t like that some of the stories were so long.

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