This Week: Games and Babel

Spring is calling our names this week!  We’re having the kind of week where it’s 75 degrees one day and 45 the next, so I know it’s time to start mixing in a few spring activities for the children.  This week we started reading and doing a little looking into birds.  We read Blue Sky Bluebird and made the birds some cranberry-cheerio garlands.

The garlands, of course, were great for Monkey and Owlet’s little fine motor skill development, and the birds loved them. We set out our garlands in some tree branches on  Saturday afternoon and by Monday morning all the food was gone.  Monkey loved this project too because he loved “feeding the birds.”
Bird garlands

We also read The Moffats this week. It was our book club book for this month, and We had a craft at book club and made our own coal cookies.  I’ll be bringing the recipe to you in another post next week.


This week was a great week for playing games.  The children played Candy Land.  Firecracker, Rose and I had one-on-one battles in Battleship.

We played a Medieval Kingdom Card Game that I found on Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational.   It tied in perfectly to what Firecracker’s history class is learning at co-op.

We also played a game that involved legos and the Tower of Babel.  It was good because everyone could play it.

game time

Speaking of the Tower of Babel, that’s actually where some of our school focus went this week.  I started using this new unit study curriculum called Star Chronicles this week.  The first sentence of the first lesson said “Review the Tower of Babel.”  I realized this was a great opportunity to devote a little time to the Tower of Babel because it’s a story that I haven’t really worked on at all with the little kids.

I’ll be bringing another post next week with some resources that we really liked and used in rabbit trail/diversion, but I’ll show you a few pictures now.  I also posted a Tower of Babel snack post yesterday, and I taste tested it!  Delicious 🙂

Tower of Babel

We didn’t work on all our normal subjects this week.  We did, however, keep plugging away with Kinderbach.  We’ve been introduced to Dodie’s piano pal, Carla Caterpillar this week.


We also did Supercharged Science this week.  We’re working on forces and detecting and manipulating those forces right now.  What we did this week really had the most to do with the magnetic field and magnetic forces.

Supercharged Science

We also started working on some mushroom crafts this week.  We’ve been watching this video of Curiosity Quest episodes.   One of them was on how mushrooms are grown and processed, and somehow that led us into painting pieces of egg cartons to make our own mushrooms.  We’re not finished with this project yet, so I’m sure I’ll have more pictures to show you guys next week.



I guess that’s really about it for our week 🙂 I hope everyone has a great weekend!  Do you ever have a week that just seems to be one rabbit trail after another?  That’s  what I feel this week has been!

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10 thoughts on “This Week: Games and Babel

  1. Mmm I love the look of the Babel snack! Lessons are always remembered better when there’s food involved round here. And yes – totally know what you mean about the rabbit trails. They almost always make for the very best days and weeks!

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