Tower of Babel Snack Stacks

Tower of Babel Snack Stacks

We’ve spent a couple of days this week reviewing the Tower of Babel.  Actually, I’ve been teaching it for the first time to the preschoolers as I have reviewed with the older kids.  So, in the spirit of being into the Tower of Babel theme, we decided to make a classic snack.  We made our own cracker towers.

All you need to begin is a spread and some crackers.  We used Nutella and Ritz crackers, but the possibilities are endless  given all the nut butters, jams, cheese and dips that you can spread between two crackers.


I limited each kid to eight crackers and one large spoonful of Nutella, but this is still a really filling snack.  I also gave each child his or her own knife with which to spread their own Nutella.  For the preschoolers, of course, this is great for motor skills and for feeling independent.


There were a couple of different construction methods used, as one of my children decided to use the Nutella as a dirt base for his creation instead of as mortar between the layers.  I thought it had it’s own special charm.


Of course, then it was time to show off our creations and enjoy!


The most important lesson that I learned while making these was that Nutella and Ritz crackers are completely delicious when you put them together!

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11 thoughts on “Tower of Babel Snack Stacks

    1. I’ve already gotten quite a kick over the way my four year old keeps building “a tower that could reach heaven.”LOL

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