March Cross-Stitch Update

I’m kind of disappointed.  I thought I would be finished with Parrot Floral by now.  I even delayed my cross-stitch update by a week so that I’d have more time.

I’m still working on the last quadrant of the pattern.  I’ve still got a little bit of the parrot, one big flower, a leaf and part of another flower to go.



This is a look at the whole piece to date.  As you can see, I completely finished the left side in February, and I’m hoping that March is the month that I finish the piece.  I’ve still got a whole lot of ground to cover, but since it’s all full cross-stitches, and there aren’t many color changes, it’s actually not taking as much time to complete as you might imagine.




This is also the only piece that I’ve worked on this month.  I’m so ready to be done, but I don’t want to start a new piece at this point because I can see the finish line on this one!


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