A Day in our Homeschool: February Edition

I have been trying to get this post written for two weeks, but something always comes up!  Here’s a great day where we spent part of the day at a monthly bookclub we do with some of our local friends.  Of course, it was almost a month ago now…. 🙂

You might remember that last month I wrote “A Day in Our Homeschool” and said that I would continue to do that for the rest of 2014.  I’m trying to keep that promise by bringing you the February Edition this week.  I have decided that I’m going to record the 20th of the month each month from here on out so that I’ll have visited each day of the week by the end of the year.  I’m exited!  Just like last month, I’m doing a play-by-play day from my own point of view. 🙂

3:30 am–I wake up and starting thinking about my to-do list.  I have my first reviews for this year’s Schoolhouse Review Crew due next week, and I’m worried about missing important components (like the price) on them.  I’m also thinking about money, bills and child training issues that have come up over the week.  I’m awake for over an hour before I finally go back to sleep.

6:30 am–Hubby’s alarm clock goes off, and I’m awake enough to hear it.

6:58 am–I realize that I’m not going back to sleep, so I get up and go to the computer to start writing.  There’s a little bit of work in my inbox to handle before I can write though.

7:32 am–I finally finish working through my important emails, but Firecracker is awake, so I’m not sure how much I’m actually going to get done.

7:45 am–Finish a blog post I’ve been meaning to write for two weeks about a pencil sharpener

8:24 am–The  dog goes and wakes Rose up.  I quickly bring my blogging to an end, so I can concentrate on my more important job as Mommy.

8:29 am–Rose spots me on the computer and reminds me that she wants me to look for her some coloring pages on Pinterest.  We spend a ton of time looking at Mario Brothers, Plants vs Zombies and Angry Birds coloring pages

9:13 am– All four children are awake and it’s time to make some bowls of cereal and some toast.


9:24 am–I sit down with my Bible and Romans workbook for a little quiet time.

9:50 am–The pediatrician’s office calls me to remind me that I’ve gotten behind on well visits, so I stop and schedule appointments.

10:04 am–I’m finally off the phone and done with breakfast, so I call the children to start Bible time.  We finish reading a favorite book this morning


11:54 am–I start fixing lunch plates.  Nothing fancy just sandwiches and leftovers today.

12:04 pm–I check my email and social media for messages

12:17 pm–Children are watching Netflix while eating and I sneak off for a shower


12:33 pm–I heat up my own lunch plate, and I also begin heating the oven to toast some bread for our bookclub snack

12:55 pm–I change Monkey and Owlet’s clothes

1:02 pm–I pull toast out of the oven and spread it with butter and honey

1:19 pm–It’s time to do the girls’ hair and make sure that everyone has shoes and socks on.


1:28 pm–We’re ready to walk out the door.  For once we’re going to be on time for bookclub. Yay!!

1:59 pm–We’re at bookclub.  This month we’re discussing The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.  I listen to the children participate in a discussion about different elements of the story.  They even role play a couple of scenes.  After the book discussion, we all eat different snack foods related to the book and then the children run around for about an hour and play while the Moms talk.


4:41 pm—We leave bookclub

5:13 pm–I start heating the oven for dinner

5:25 pm–The children ask me to help them search Pinterest for paper crafts.

5:58 pm–We forgot to get the dog out of his crate when we got home from bookclub.  I send Rose out to get dog only to have her report that he messed in the crate.  Yuck!  Time for the dog to take a bath.

6:16 pm–A little Amazon shopping to destress from dealing with the dog

6:45 pm–I finally make some time to do the dishes and finish cooking dinner while the children straighten up the living room and dining room table.

7:06 pm–Dinner time!!

7:41 pm–Read aloud to Firecracker from his periodic table book at his request.  When we finish reading, we turn the movie The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe on.  The children were so much more interested in the movie after reading the book.

10:17 pm–Movie is over and I start getting the children ready for bed

10:29 pm–Owlet is still away, so I decide to start editing photos for my weekly wrap-up while I’m waiting on her to fall asleep.

11:05 pm–I finish making collages and notice that Owlet is asleep in Hubby’s chair, so I move her to the bed and start getting ready for bed.  We’ve just been issued a tornado watch that is slated to not end until 5:00 am, so I figure that I better get to bed just in case the tornado sirens start going off later.


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