Motivated Moms Review

I am not by nature an organized person.  In fact, sometimes the press of day-to-day life and my responsibilities leave me more than a little overwhelmed.  So, when I was offered the opportunity to review Motivated Moms , I was excited about the idea of having something to help me organize the house so that I can focus my time on those who need it most.

I received an Motivated Moms Ebooks version of the Motivated Moms planner.  I chose the color chore planner that has one page per week.  This is the version that I will be reviewing.  This is a downloadable ebook that has 55 pages.  You will need to download and print this planner as you use it (or all at one time and bind into a book).  This ebook retails for $8.  They market towards moms, but really it’s flexible enough that anyone with a house to keep clean can use it.

Below I’m showing you a sample week on the planner, so that you can get an idea about how the layout looks.  I printed out the whole book and keep mine on a cookbook stand so that I can look at it each time I go into my kitchen.


As you can see from the photo above, there are daily tasks for you to check off.  These include such chores as laundry, dishes, cooking and sweeping.  Most of these chores are kitchen related, which makes perfect sense since most Moms spend the majority of their chore time in either  the kitchen or the laundry room.

Beyond the daily chores, there are weekly chores like cleaning toilets and vacuuming your living room.  There are also less frequent chores such as changing your furnace filter, cleaning out your refrigerator, planning gifts for upcoming birthdays and cleaning light switches that are scheduled monthly or less frequently.

I’ve been using Motivated Moms for almost six weeks now, and I am pleased with my success.  I am doing the daily chores.  My kitchen stays clean.  My laundry stays caught up (most of the time).  I don’t get the daily chores done every day, but I get them done most days.  I feel like the practice of doing them is starting to become automatic.  It makes me happy to walk into my kitchen and not see food from the pantry, dishes and random items from our house sitting all over the counters.

I am also thrilled at my progress with the laundry.  It’s much easier to fold one or two loads of clothes than to have ten loads all on my laundry room floor.  Also, the time I spend folding is saved later on when I don’t have to search through ten or twelve loads of clothes for socks for my children.

I’ve also experienced great success with meal planning through Motivated Moms.  Every two weeks, one of your Sunday chores is to make your meal plan.  Motivated Moms even has a two week meal planner you can make multiple copies, and this plan has spaces for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.  It makes answering the question of what you’re going to eat so much easier that I am now in love with the two-week menu plan.


I had two weeks where I planned meals and several weeks where I didn’t while working on this review.   I can tell you that the weeks that I planned meals went so much smoother than the weeks I didn’t, and we had a much bigger variety of foods than when I didn’t plan meals.  I even was able to offer more for breakfast in the mornings than, “Why don’t you go make yourself some toast or cereal?”

When the meal planning happens, I’m not the only one who’s thrilled.  Everyone in my household is happy.  I even tape my meal plan up inside one of my kitchen cabinets so that I don’t forget where it is.  If I’m trying a new recipe, I put it in the pockets of my Motivated Moms planner so that I don’t lose the recipe.  I felt like I was able to offer a better variety of foods in our diet and be a better steward of our resources through the menu plan.

The only thing that I’ve had mixed success with is the weekly and less frequent chores.  I have a combination effect here.  First, there’s not a ton of extra time in my days.  (If you’re a Mom, I know you can relate!)  Second, my house is in need of massive amounts of decluttering.  It’s hard to dust the living room if you’ve got junk all over your fireplace mantel.  It’s also difficult to vacuum the master bedroom if there are clothes and blankets on the floor.  Each chore that I get to is taking me longer than it is meant to because my house was in such bad shape when I received Motivated Moms.  I don’t always get to all the chores.  In fact, on busier weeks, I don’t get to any of them, but I’m happy with the chores that I do get to.

motivated moms

I am thankful for the gift of Motivated Moms because it does two things for me.

First, it keeps me accountable to the chores that I need to do every day.  It gives me a check list for what I should do each day to keep my busiest two rooms (kitchen and laundry) looking good.   I don’t have to go in and clean my kitchen for company any more because it is always clean now.

Second, it gives me something to aspire to.  I feel like each chore I complete is something that I wouldn’t have done without my list there encouraging me to keep working.  I feel like there is hope for the chaos that I’ve let develop in parts of my house.  I’m also decluttering as I go along and marveling at how much more beautiful my house is without some of the unnecessary stuff that I’ve been unwilling to let go of.  That is a very good thing.

I may not be following Motivated Moms as perfectly as I want to, but I realize now that my housekeeping is in my control and I don’t have to drown in mess and clutter.  That alone is reason enough to keep me plugging along, continuing to check off items in my Motivated Moms planner.  If you feel like there’s too much clutter and you’re having a hard time containing the mess in your home, I can easily recommend that you invest $8 in Motivated Moms.  It’s worth it.

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