Cupid Arrow Pretzels

Monday we made cupid arrows for our snack time.  They were very easy to make.  You need pretzel rods, large heart shaped marshmallows, whipped cream and multicolored sprinkles.


All you have to do is put a marshmallow on one end and dip the other end in whipped cream.  Sprinkles are optional.


You can dip the marshmallow into the whipped cream and sprinkles if you like.


Or you could even make a double headed arrow.


Either way they’re delicious!


By the way, I totally meant for this to be a snack based on an activity I was doing about Jesus being the Light of the World to go with our Egglo eggs.  However, the kids, being cupid obsessed this week, had other ideas and they were much more creative than I ever have been!


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