This Week: Snowcation and Monkey’s Birthday!

This is one of those wonderful weeks where we didn’t actually do much of anything.  In fact, by our standards, we were quite lazy.  After all, when there’s over half a foot of snow in Georgia within three days (and a whole day of sleet and freezing rain pelting our house and the roads), you have to take advantage of the snow to go out and play!

We had great fun sledding, making snowmen and having snowball fights.  I might even have seen a few snow angels get made.

snow days

We also had a monkey who had a birthday!  I wrote a full post with his birthday interview on Monday.  Don’t you love the Wolverine claws?  He’s been able to put both those and his new Spiderman rain boots to very good use this week.

Monkey birthday

The girls also got a special date night with their Daddy at Chick-fil-a this week.  The restaurant was decorated; they got special pictures made; they got a special bracelet;  they got a limo ride with Daddy.  It was a very fun night for my two little girls (and hopefully for Hubby too!).

daddy date night

The children also made valentines this week to give out at CBS.  It was nothing fancy.  They’d rather get the little bitty cards and give them out than do anything else, so that’s what we did.  Of course, they didn’t get to give out their valentines because CBS was cancelled this week due to all the snow and ice.


Rose and Owlet did some acrylic painting.  It was for Rose’s painter badge on  It’s the first time I’ve actually let them use canvas for their paintings, so it was very exciting.


Firecracker decided that he liked the ASAP Science videos this week, so we watched a lot of them.

Rose decided to draw out a savings goal.  This was a great help for me as I was reviewing a set of materials about earning and saving money.

Firecracker continued working in his Minecraft Periodic table class.  He really seems to be enjoying it.  He’s a kid who loves science, and so it’s been fun for him to take science into a video game world.

random studies

This has been a great week to laze about and read a book.  I’ve been working on Home Discipleship.  It’s challenging and convicting on many levels, especially with the idea of how often, even at home, we go through the motions and don’t stop to truly deal with spiritual and behavioral issues.  If we’re too busy for making Jesus the center of our homeschool, we’re not doing the job that God gave us.

We also got to try out The Berenstain Bears Keep the Faith this week.  There’ll be a full review in a week or two.

We also read My Story: Joseph and My Story: David.  We gave them to Monkey for his birthday.  They’re lightweight but cute as a button.  They also have stickers, so Monkey has very quickly papered our house with tons of David and Joseph stickers.

Hubby finished his current read-aloud with the children The Prophet, the Shepherd and the Star.  I love this series so much that I’ve read ahead of Hubby and the children and have even pre-ordered the newest book in the series for myself.  The book that Hubby and the children finished this week is one that covered the prophet Isaiah, Daniel and Jesus’s birth.

We also finished reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.  We completely wimped out and didn’t finish the lapbook, but the children were so into the story that it seemed a shame to break it up with lapbook pieces.  Maybe another time.


We are still using Kinderbach and, but we also mixed two new review products into our homeschool this week.

The first was Asia:  Its People and History.  It’s a sixteen week curriculum by Bonnie Rose Hudson that is part geography and part devotional study on the lives of Christians in Asia.  Rose really likes it, but Firecracker groans when I get it out.  He doesn’t like thinking about people being persecuted just for being Christians.  I’ll be giving you a full review soon, but I should have started with China in this curriculum since it’s written from a more historical perspective just to ease him in.  As part of that curriculum, we’ve also been working out of a Kids of Courage publication this week called Bold Believers of the Hmong People


The second is a little more lighthearted.  We started reviewing Egglo Easter Eggs.  As you might can tell from my pictures, they really do glow in the dark!  We’ve been charging our eggs and having them glow a bunch this week.  We’ve also read (and listened to the audio book version) of The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure several times.


We also did a painting activity with the eggs.  I wrote a little post about it here.  I think I’m going to have fun sharing this review next month.

Egg print painting

I guess we really did do more than I thought we did this week after all!  I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Homegrown Learners

6 thoughts on “This Week: Snowcation and Monkey’s Birthday!

  1. WOW! I was thinking at first, “Their week looked like ours” with all the snow pictures but then I saw all the other things you did!! What a great, fun week. I love the egg print painting! What a cool idea. I LOVE the picture of your husband and girls. That is so precious! Happy Valentine’s Day Rebecca!! ❤

  2. You certainly did seem to do a lot! Very cute pics, I agree. The Spiderman cake is very cool! I love the acrylic on canvas painting – very artistic and grown up!

    1. I could tell that Rose really felt “grown up” and like her art was important doing that. We will be doing it again 🙂

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