Evan and Bella Learn How to Earn and Save Money Review

Evan and Bella

Evan and Bella Learn How to Earn and Save Money if the first book in a series of books by author Cheryl Lindsay where she’s using the cute cartoony characters of Evan and Bella to teach children important life skills.  I was given the opportunity to review this book, and given my complete devotion to the written word, and my children’s very strong interest in earning and saving up money, I was happy to be able to review it.

I started the children out by reading the book.  The book explains where money comes from and why you need to save it.  The author uses two small animals, Evan and Bella, and their Aunt Kate to explain these concepts.  The book is pitched at children 4-8, but it did not hold the interest of my four year old, so if you choose to use this book, it would be more beneficial for those who are in the upper part of this age range.


The book goes into detail in the last half about creating savings goals, keeping track of those goals and using a chore chart as a means of earning this spending and saving money.


I was a little disenchanted about this because it turned the book into more of a guide for how to use the author’s other products than a stand-alone book to enjoy with your children.  However, that is my bias, and it does not take away from what a great tool that entire package is for educating your children about earning and saving money.

It certainly was something that my children were looking for.  They immediately began to tell me all the things that they were wanting to save up money and buy.  They also started brainstorming what chores they could charge me for to begin meeting their saving goals.

I enjoyed being able to go back to the book and remind them that there are certain chores that are just part of being a member of our family.  I told them that cleaning one’s room was  part of living in our house, not something I was going to pay them for.

We also received savings journals and chore charts.  We haven’t actually put them into play yet because of some unusual winter weather that we’re taking full advantage of (instead of doing our regular routine), but I’m going to describe them for you, so that you’ll know what’s included.

The  savings journal is divided into two parts.  The  first section is just a way of tracking your total savings and has spaces to add savings and subtract it so that your child can see the total amount of money they have saved at any time.  The second part is a place to log  the items that you are saving for.  Each two page spread of this section has a place for you to draw a picture (or glue one in) and add the price of what you are saving for.  The second page has a place to add in your total amounts earned and total money saved.

This is Rose’s drawing of the Lalaloopsy doll she would like to save money for.


The savings journal is a really valuable tool for teaching your children practical life skills.  (It’s also great for addition and subtraction practice!)  You have goal setting and a place to track your achievement all in the same place.  I think it’s a great product.

The third component of the set is the chore chart.  On the chart, you have spaces for chores, money values and the days of the week.  It’s dry erase and is a wonderful place to keep track of how often your child completes his/her chores and how much allowance they have due them.  (It’s also great for building even more multiplication and addition skills.)

All in all, it’s a good set that accomplishes exactly what the author intended.  If your child uses this system, they will learn how to earn money by doing chores and other work, and they’ll also learn how to save up for those items that they want to spend their money on.

Disclaimer:  I received the complete Evan and Bella Learn How to Earn and Save Money set free from the author.  I was not required to write a positive review of this product.


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