This Week: The Booth and Some History Projects

This week was a jumbled mess.  January seemed to flow together with themes, but today, as I’m sitting and writing this post, I can’t find a single theme for our week.  I guess I can call it our “random” week.

I bought an alphabet mat at Christmas, and this week was our first time to actually pull it out and use it.  The children loved throwing stuff at the mat, taking letters out and playing.  One day, I actually came up with a game that we could do with our mat, and the children really loved it.

I printed out the alphabet action cards off of Homeschool Share’s free My Body lapbook.  (They start around page 50.)  I had them pick out tiny stuffed animals and throw them at the letters.  Where ever the animal landed, the child could  take out the letter and we’d do the action on the card.    It was a lot of fun 🙂
alphabet mat

I also made a little box of cutting strips, and Monkey’s spent some of his time this week cutting away.  He’s actually very good at a straight cut, and I’m happy about that.  Royal Baloo is a great place to go an download some strips similar to the ones that we’re using at home.


The preschoolers also did some sensory play with shaving cream.  It’s too messy for Monkey to really enjoy it, but it’s one of Owlet’s favorite activities.

shaving cream

The collage below are Rose and Firecracker doing activities for their AWANA book.  I really like the pictures of Rose tracing Peru on the lightbox because she chose to do some activities with Peru for the missionary section of her book.


I read Crystal Paine’s Say Goodbye to Survival Mode this week.  I really enjoyed it, and you can read my review here.

I also continued our love of The Birchbark House novels this week by reading The Porcupine Year.  We just love these characters.  There’s a fourth book that Rose is now asking for us to get and read together, so I imagine that we’ll be back in Omakayas’s magical world soon.


We even got back to our Who is God? curriculum a little bit this week.  We did a word search, and we read The House That Went Ker—Splat!: The Parable of the Wise and Foolish Builders .  We’ve decided to take a side trail, since we’ve been focused on the wise and foolish builders and do a study on rocks and sand.  I think it’s a great rabbit trail.

ker splat

We also finished constructing our castles in co-op this week.  Yay!

norman castles

We did a couple of Viking crafts this week.  We made viking masks and a viking paper craft.  The kids are still interested in all things Viking, so I’m sure they’ll be more coming soon.  I also loved doing the Viking crafts this week because Monkey thought we were doing Thor crafts!  Adorable and enthusiastic!


We’ve also tried our hand at making our own woven paper mats.  We were mostly inspired by by the weaving that Omakayas’s family does.  Rose thought it was so much fun that she got out her potholder loom and wove a little on it this week too.


We got a new pencil sharpener in this week (Review coming soon!).  At last count, Rose has sharpened forty-three pencils with it in the past 24 hours.

pencil sharpener

We worked some more on Kinderbach this week.  We’ve learned all about the half-note and our left and right hands.  We’ve also learned a new music pattern called “stepping up.”  Great stuff is happening here!


We also worked more on Science4Us.  This program really does have a great mix of online and offline projects.


The highlight of our week though was probably our trip to the Booth Museum.  Kevin took off early and went with us and a couple of families from our Sunday school class this evening.  On the first Thursday, they run free admission from 5 pm-8 pm, so it felt like a big trip, but didn’t cost much at all.  We did start the evening at Chick-fil-a, and that was totally yummy.

I’m going to be terribly self-indulgent and post several collages of our trip 🙂  Just humor me.  I’m not even using a quarter of the photos I took  🙂  I actually think that I’m going to put together my photos and do a virtual tour of our trip for you guys.

booth museum

booth 2

booth 3

booth 4

I guess that about does it for our week.  If you’re interested in some more reading, I’ve published four times this week, but they’re all small, so don’t worry that you’ll be reading forever!

I hope everyone has a great weekend, and I’m hoping that I’m able to get around to visit all the other Collage Friday authors this week!


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2 thoughts on “This Week: The Booth and Some History Projects

  1. Wow you did so much fun stuff! The museum looks amazing, and great value. 🙂 LOL about the new pencil sharpener. I can relate to Rose – I get like that too.

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