This Week: Snow Days!

This week something rare and beautiful happened in Georgia.  We got snow!!!!  It’s been three years since our last snow, so we might be a little overexcited.

We went to co-op, knowing that the weatherman had said there was a potential for trace-1/2 in. amounts of snow after lunch.  We didn’t realize that it was going to be a winter wonderland by 10 am.  Needless to say, as soon as I realized that the snow was really sticking, we left co-op early to go out to play in it!

beginning of snow

It snowed the entire rest of the day, to the tune of three inches by the time it was over.  Three days later and we still have snow on the ground in our shady backyard.

It was Owlet’s first snow, and the first one that Monkey was big enough to play in, so we’ve had a very exciting couple of days.

Snow Days

As it happened, I had already planned for this week to be snow week for my preschoolers, so it worked out perfectly!  We used some printables that I found at Frugal Fritzie to make do mazes and to build our own Olaf.


We also made tissue paper snowflakes using very wild colored tissue paper stuck to contact paper.

paper snowflakes

We made a snowflake tortilla snack.  We used scissors to cut the tortilla into a snowflake shape.  Then, we brushed it with melted butter, sprinkled it with a cinnamon/sugar mix and baked in a 350 degree oven for about 5 minutes.

snowflake tortillas

We also made homemade playdough with red and gold glitter in it and used that playdough to make snowemen.  We built the snowmen traditionally, and we also used cookie cutters to cutout snowmen and gingerbread shapes.  We also made tracks with our figurines and monster trucks after we rolled out our “snow.”

snowman playdough

When not doing snowflake activities and playing in the snow, the little kids have been very busy using pom pom magnets to dot “G for Gingerbread Men” printouts that I got from Royal Baloo.  They’ve also been making Mr. Potato Heads, playing with even more playdough, coloring, and using dot marker pages that I downloaded from 3 Dinosaurs and Free Homeschool Deals. (Why they wanted Mermaid and Pond dot marker pages in January is beyond me though 🙂 )

busy preschoolers

This was also the perfect week for me to get out my bread machine and crank it up.  I’ll share the recipe for this bread soon, and if anyone has the perfect recipe for french bread, just let me know.  I’m wanting to learn how to shape and bake a good baguette style loaf.


We did go to co-op this week, even though we left early.  The children learned about their sense of touch in science, and we’ve started working on castle models in history.  These will be some of the earlier Norman style castles, not the big castles that we’re used to seeing.


We also read about digestion some this week, and we attempted an iodine and soda cracker experiment that went along with that.


The older kids worked on new DIY projects this week.  Firecracker made Minecraft brownies under the Minecraft skill and Rose made a picture book under the illustrator skill.


Speaking of Minecraft, Firecracker is taking the periodic table class on the Skrafty server through When You Rise Up.  He’s in his second week, and so far he’s really enjoying it.

We also worked some on our The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe lapbooks this week.


Just so you know that we’re retaining our homeschool’s crazy electic/random feel, we also read a little about Southwest Indians this week and began constructing pueblo villages out of some extra cardboard boxes that I had been saving.


We have several review items that we’re working on right now.  The first is Motivated Moms.  I haven’t done it all this week (or even most of it), but I’m feeling much more organized with my daily chores, and I’ve managed to do one big chore, and that is cleaning and organizing my freezer.  I don’t think the pictures who all the differences, but the differences are there!

freezer cleaning

We also are working on our Kinderbach.  I can’t wait to tell you more about how much I love this!  Just this week, we worked on recognizing our numbers 1-5, visual discrimination with the black key groups, coloring, singing the same note several times in a row, high and low pitches, keeping a steady rhythm clapping and on the piano and matching numbers and symbols together.  This is great for all the children, but I love the way it’s developing so many of Monkey’s preschool skills.


We’re also continuing to work on Science4Us.Com.  This week we worked on both online and offline activities.  I just want to say that I am proud of Firecracker for finishing his “Space Newsletter” this week.  Writing has been a source of frustration for him, and I’m happy to see him building his writing skills almost without even recognizing it.  Science for us is helping gently with both Firecracker and Rose’s english skills and not just science.

Science 4 Us

If you’ve made it to the end, thanks for sticking with me.  I’ve also published three other posts this week, and I think some of them might be fun to read too 🙂  I’ve published:

I hope everyone else is having a great week and are keeping warm in the cold weather!!

Homegrown Learners

6 thoughts on “This Week: Snow Days!

  1. I love all the snow picture. Here in North Alabama we didn’t get snow. What a great, cozy week. I love the tissue paper snow flakes! You always look like you and your kids have such fun and do so many hands on activities. Keilee always loved things like that!

  2. You got so much done! It always feels from your posts like your home is abuzz with happy activity – how lovely.
    This is the first winter in a long time we haven’t had any snow – I’m hoping February will be colder or my kids will be very disappointed! Glad you made the most of yours 🙂

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