A Day in Our Homeschool (With 8, 7, 3, & 2 Year Olds)

Every January I read all the day in a life posts from Simple Homeschool.    I find them so interesting.  All the days are so different from each other.  Even when there is a similar educational philosophy and similar ages of children, the family differences make the days work differently.

Last year, I was feeling so inspired that I wrote my own Day in the Life post.  It was such a treasure to me to open it up last week and reread what was going on in my life that I decided that I should write another one this year.  Our lives have changed a lot, mostly due to my children being another year older!

I decided, after attempting to do two or three different days to do day in the life projects, that each day is so varied (and yet similar) that it doesn’t matter which day I choose.  So, I’m going to write about Thursday, January 23, 2014.

2:00 am–Hubby brings Owlet to lay down with me.  She tosses and turns and fidgets, and he takes her to rock her in the recliner.

3:48 am–I hear Owlet crying.  I go and relieve Hubby so he can lay down and get a little sleep before his alarm goes off at 6:30.   Owlet seems to have an upset stomach, but every thing that I ask her whether or not it hurts gets a shook head.

5:30 am–Owlet vomits.  I clean it up and she finally drifts off into a deep sleep.

6:15 am–I go and lay down, hoping for some great sleep before the big kids wake me up.

8:20 am–The dog is lonely and wakes Rose and I both up.  It’s okay.  I need to be getting up anyway.  I march straight to the computer, check all my emails and social media outlets, and then begin to write.  I want to start reading lots of information I’m seeing, but I remind myself that once the other children are up, my writing time will be over for the day.

9:02 am–The boys are up, and all three kids settle down to play with their wooden farmhouse and figurines.  They’re playing so nicely with each other that I decide to keep writing while they play.

9:46 am–I finally finish writing the blog post that I was working on.  (Picture editing took longer than I meant for it to)  I make the kids and myself a little breakfast.

9:52 am–I sit down and have a little quiet time with my Bible while I eat breakfast.

10:15 am–I sit down with each child and do their CBS and AWANA homework with them.  Firecracker draws an amazing drawing of God protecting him from attacking monkeys.  I just watch because I’m amazed by his imagination and a little tired from my overnight with Owlet.


10:45 am–We shift from our Bibles and prayer into reading aloud.  It’s a natural flow.  The bigger kids stay engaged the whole time we read, but the little kids drift in and out from the couch depending on whether or not what we’re reading is catching their interest and what they’re wanting to play with.  Today, a lot of the time that we spend reading is spent finishing this book.


12:00 pm–We decide to do a quick science experiment suggested in one of the books we were reading.  It’s a dog IQ test.  The children believe that the dog aces the test and is very smart.  I’m not so sure about that.

12:10 pm–The kids straighten up the living room floor while I go an make lunches.

12;38 pm–We sit down to lunch and I turn on My Little Pony: Equestria Girls at Owlet’s request.  Meanwhile, I quickly check my email and go online for a minute on my kindle.

12:55 pm–Decide to get up and work on the laundry and the dishes while the children eat, relax and watch the movie.

1:10 pm–My grandparents come by and bring me some groceries–lots of groceries.  As an aside, when I stopped working and starting homeschooling, I believed that we were going to starve to death.  God has shown me that he can provide, sometimes through the most unusual sources.


1:30 pm–Grandparents leave and I get back to the dishes.

1:45 pm–It’s bath time for the girls.  I let Firecracker start playing with some of the modules on Science4Us.com.  While Firecracker plays on the computer, Monkey plays on my Kindle with some of it’s apps.  I alternate between washing hair, supervising Firecracker’s science and working on laundry.  (Science4Us.com has online modules and offline hand-on activities.  How much of each we do depends on my mood and what I need to get done in the house.)

2:38 pm–Girls are out of the bath and dressed.  I put the boys in the bath.  Rose works on the online portion of Science4Us.com while Owlet plays on the Kindle.  I continue to do laundry.

4 pm–All kids are out of the bath and dressed in snuggle pajamas.  We make a special bear cave snack and (at Monkey’s request) watch an episode of a Spiderman cartoon.


4:33 pm–Owlet has suddenly decided that she wants to go to the potty.  I take her to the potty while she complains that “it’s not working.”  We’ll spend the rest of the afternoon taking her to the potty only to find that she doesn’t go in the potty, just in her panties.

4:37 pm–We work on a lesson from our Who is God? book


5:03 pm–Time for Kinderbach lessons!  All the kids find these fun and exciting.


5:38 pm–I start the water for grits for dinner while I wait for Rose to finish coloring a sheet for Kinderbach.  The picture above is Monkey’s coloring.  Trust me when I say that Rose is much more of a perfectionist.

5:45 pm–The children decide that they want to do another Kinderbach lesson.  Much to their excitement, they get to get out the rhythm instruments and play on the piano.



6:20 pm–  I have the children straighten up the living room and start working on cleaning their bedroom while I cook dinner.  I make cheese omelets, bacon, grits and chocolate chip pancakes.  It’s a breakfast feast!!

7:15 pm–We sit down to dinner (after Hubby builds a fire), and we watch Super Hero Squad.

8 pm–Owlet comes to cuddle with me on the couch and she goes to sleep while I read and play Monopoly Bingo on my Kindle.

8:45 pm–I put Owlet in bed, and I realize that I never made time for a shower, so I go and clean up.

9:20 pm–It’s time for a bedtime snack.

10:00 pm–It’s time for bed for everyone (including this tired Mommy)

After I wrote this post, I discovered that Tristan at Our Busy Homeschool is hosting a monthly homeschool day post, and I think it would be really cool to participate each month.  I’m linking up there, and I’m really excited to give this a try as a monthly thing for me to look back at and enjoy 🙂

One Homeschool Day January Edition


11 thoughts on “A Day in Our Homeschool (With 8, 7, 3, & 2 Year Olds)

  1. I really enjoyed reading this. It sounds very much like our homeschool, only mine kids are a bit older than yours. It is reassuring somehow to hear that others are very much like us. I will enjoy reading about your homeschool each month in this way! I wonder if I have the nerve to do the same thing…I never have done one before.

  2. I’m so glad you linked up! It was fun to read your day and see how it ebbs and flows. My kids loved the bear cave snack idea and recognized the Kinderbach pages.

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