This week: The Bear Snores On and Kinderbach

This week was more preschooler focused that many weeks are.  It wasn’t intentional, and I still feel like I’m not good at balancing the needs of the preschoolers with the needs of the older kids.  I’m pretty sure that by the time I get good at it, I won’t have preschoolers anymore!  My saving grace though is that my elementary school aged kids are still young enough that they mostly want to participate in the activities that I plan for the preschoolers.

You may recall that last week we focused on hibernation.  This week we moved specifically into bears and bear hibernation.  We made a big bear cave that we sat in and told stories.  I really smiled at the picture of Firecracker in the collage below.  He got in the bear cave just to pose for the picture and didn’t play with us at all!

Bear Cave

We also made our own graham cracker and frosting bear caves complete with teddy graham bears.  I like when we can make a special snack.

bear caves

We also worked more specifically with Bear Snores On using the printable pack from 3Dinosaurs.  I set up a handwriting/tracing notebook for the kids to use with the dry erase markers, and everyone except Firecracker has practiced handwriting with that his week.

I also used the flannel board graphics to laminate and attach to magnets, so that we’d have story magnets to sit and play with during our reading.  Everyone has loved those.

bear snores on printables

We also continued working on our Who Is God? book this week.  I love the Notebooking Journal.  It’s a great addition and adds some real depth to the study.   I also, of course, purchased a few of the go-alongs that the notebooking journal recommended, and we read one of those Arches to Zigzags: An Architecture ABC this week.  We had read about the Dad in the story part of the book being an architect, so it was a great time to introduce Firecracker and Rose to some simple architectural features and words.  They really enjoyed learning a little bit.

Who is God

We also worked on a ton of Kinderbach.  All four children thought it was pretty awesome.  They got to use both the pianos and our rhythm instruments a couple of times this week, and that is so exciting in our house!

Monkey’s worked on two important preschool skills with our Kinderbach this week.  We worked on recognizing the numbers 1-5.  He also worked on cutting as he cut his own cards to make Dodi’s House cards to put on the keyboard,


Firecracker and Rose also worked on more lessons.  They have offline activities that enhance the online lesson material, so I was even able to teach Firecracker about acrostic poems this week.  He was able to compare them with the limericks that he had learned about the week before at bookclub.  I love when those connections happen!


We didn’t read a ton this week.  We read, of course the Arches to Zigzags: An Architecture ABC and the Bear Snores On that I mentioned earlier.  We also read The Berenstain Bears: All in the Family.  The children love these compilations of Berenstain Bears books.  I love that they’re hardcovers on our bookshelf instead of flimsy paperbacks since it’s one of the children’s favorite book series.

We also read through National Geographic Angry Birds Star Wars.  It’s a cool run down of the interesting Angry Bird Star Wars characters and of some space and technological science that is related to the Star Wars saga.


Here’s a few random shots of the preschoolers.  The first is Monkey playing his newest app interest, Toca Builders.  He and Owlet were also hiding stuff underneath our animal track mat.  I also have a picture of them with the bag of leftover Halloween candy.  They had it all pulled out and were going through it and eating.  I was trying to bribe them to be quiet while we had company!  It didn’t work out so well.



These are just a few more random shots that I really liked this week.  The first is of some groceries that my grandparents gave me this week (#birdsoftheair).

There are several of Firecracker drawing Paul Frank monkeys.  While the other kids were out getting haircuts with my parents this week, I decided to stop by McDonalds and get Owlet a happy meal.  It happens that they’re giving out Paul Frank monkey stuff.  That’s inspired Firecracker to many monkey drawings.  He even drew a picture of God protecting him from a monkey attack in his Romans book.

The one of Firecracker with all the little cards is him trying to put his books of the Bible in order (an AWANA assignment).  It takes him 10 minutes, and I think that’s just because he has to shuffle through all those cards.

Finally, there’s a picture of the dog and a bowl turned over.  It’s from our science experiment this week where we gave our dog an IQ test.  The children think he passed, but I’m not quite so sure!!




That about does it for our week.  I’ve wrote a ton of stuff on the blog this week.  I wrote:

I hope everyone else had a great week!  Have a great weekend!!  Are you guys focusing on winter themes right now or something a little more structured?


13 thoughts on “This week: The Bear Snores On and Kinderbach

    1. Thank you. I feel so blessed to have gotten to do these preschool years at home because they are so full of wonder. I sometimes remind myself of that when the days are hard 🙂

  1. What a fun time with the hibernation and the tents. One of my FAV books – Bear Snores On! We have plenty of black bears at our home, lucky they are hibernating right now! Enjoy the week.

    1. It’s our “new” winter book this year 🙂 We’ve had a great week! I remember seeing your bear pictures last fall. Glad they are hibernating 🙂

    1. We do have fun here most of the time. I have really been surprised by how much my eight year old is enjoying it too. I had really thought that I could use it with all four of the kids, but if my eight year old didn’t want to, I’d find something else for him to do. It turns out that it’s one of Firecracker’s favorite times of day!

  2. There is so much to love in your weeks. I love all the books, the hands-on activities, the learning-snack, the fort and of course, all the books. It is fun to see homeschoolers with preschoolers, especially now that I don’t have one. I miss that time.

    1. I see people with older children (who are doing really cool things) and have to remind myself not to rush through this time because I only have a couple more years of it. We are having a lot of fun 🙂

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