Native American Backrests

As we’ve talked a little bit about the Great Plains Indians, we’ve found that they’re much different from the other Indians that we’ve discussed so far.  They are the first group we’ve encountered that have teepees, and now we find out that for chairs in their teepees they use a back rest.

Of course, when we study anything, we have to make it, so we made our own Native American Backrests.  Here’s how you can make them too.

First, we began by taking a 1/2 sheet of construction paper and drawing it into a vague chair shape.  It looked something like this.  I think of it as a house with a flat roof!


Then, we cut it out and decorated it.


After they were decorated, we bent them at the dotted line that I had drawn on the original “template.”  We used masking tape to tape cotton swabs to both sides of the backrest.  It looked like this.


We took a third cotton swab and used it as a  prop for the backrest, kind of like this.


This was Monkey’s with a superhero drawn on it.


This is Firecracker’s backrest.  I have no clue what exactly he drew on this but he was pleased with his drawing/story.


This is Rose’s backrest.  She used different patterns and was very pleased to find that it was the perfect size for her mini-American Girl dolls to sit on for their “Indian Adventure”

Native American Backrests

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