Puffy Paint Snowman

Monday we were hoping for snow.  It doesn’t snow in Georgia very much, but it was so cold earlier this week that we were hopeful that maybe snow would come too.

We saw a few flurries, but nothing that we could play in, so I decided we should make our own snow.

Inspired by a project that I had seen in the preschool section of SchoolhouseTeachers.com, I decided that we should make our own puffy snowman paintings.

If you’ve never made puffy paint before, it’s easy to do.  All you need is school glue and shaving cream.  You mix it together in a bowl in equal amounts, and then you give you children their brushes and/or painting utensils and let them create.

I also dumped about a tablespoon of silver glitter into our “paint” to try and make it sparkly.  I think you’ll see in the pictures that the sparkles don’t really show up.

This activity was aimed at my preschoolers.  Monkey was very careful with his snowman, and got me to cut him out buttons, a nose and a hat, but I think Owlet totally forgot that we were creating snowmen.  Instead, she totally put paint all over several pieces of construction paper.


My older children really got into creating snowmen too.  Rose actually took her puffy paint and ran her fingers all in it, just enjoying the feel of the paint.

Here are a couple of the finished projects.  Monkey had a “super snowman” with a slight cape.  Later he said that maybe it was starting to melt a bit.


Firecracker, who is currently obsessed with Minecraft, created two paintings.  He made a square snowman, but my favorite of his creations was his snow golem.  Isn’t it cute?


Have you gotten a lot of snow this winter?  What kind of winter art projects are you doing with your children?


6 thoughts on “Puffy Paint Snowman

  1. those are gorgeous. Well done 🙂 Going to keep this idea for when it is winter here this year. We are in the middle of a heat wave it’s 44’C today. (111’F)

    1. Thank you! I think I’d deal better with the 111’F than the 40’F we’re having right now! I just wish that if it were going to be so cold that we’d get some snow 🙂

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