This Week: Rose’s Birthday and Christmas Fever

This week was actually a much more productive week than I thought when I first started running my mind through my week.  I only thought of Rose’s Birthday fever and the children’s oncoming anticipation of opening their Christmas presents, but we really did a lot this week.

The first thing though is that my beautiful daughter, Rose, had a birthday.  I did an interview with her earlier this week about some of her favorite things now that she is seven years old.

Rose's Birthday

She also spent one whole afternoon this week with her grandparents going to Build-a-Bear.  This was actually a wonderful afternoon for me too because the grandparents took all four grandchildren and I had a couple of hours to spend wrapping presents.  So far, it’s six days until Christmas and the only presents I have are for the children.  I’m failing at Christmas this year.  Still, the children are enjoying looking at their packages and guessing what they might be.

The children loved Build-a-Bear.  Firecracker was especially excited about his Red Panda.  It’s really one of the cutest stuffed animals I’ve seen!  Owlet has also been dragging her new Rainbow Dash around everywhere–cavegirl style–by the hair.

Build a Bear

This time last year we were doing all Christmas school, but this year, the only Christmas school we’ve really done has been at co-op.  My science class did reindeer and made ornaments this week.  My history class studied Thomas Nast and his Santa drawings and colored and decorated one of his Santa drawings this week.


At home, we’ve been much less into the holiday.  I guess some years are like that.

We did read a couple of books this week.  We didn’t read as much as in a usual week, but we did get a couple of good days reading in.  We read Tomie DePaola’s The Legend of the Bluebonnet.  This tied into both the Native American reading and studies that we’ve been doing and the children’s current love of myths and legends.  It’s a sweet and wonderful story of self-sacrificial giving.

We also finished a book that we’ve been reading off and on for a little while.  Across Five Aprils was long and sometimes too expository for the children.  They really like action.  However, it did a really good job of teaching them about some of the major battles of the war and some of the ways that families were torn apart by the fighting.

I was also thrilled this week to receive a giveaway prize that I won last month in the mail this week.  I won all four levels (with notebooking journals and coloring books) of Apologia’s worldview curriculum.  I’m ordering a second journal and coloring book for Rose and planning on it being one of our parent-initiated subjects that we work on after the first of the year.


We finally got back to our fable notebook we were working on with some more activities that were related to the crow and the pitcher.  Expect to see a blog post soon that explains the science experiment and the race in this photo collage 😉

crow and pitcher

We started another course called Everyday Astronomy.  We made our notebooks, and did the first lesson, but we haven’t been back to it yet.  I’m sure we’ll get back to it soon.

everyday astronomy

I taught the children how to play Jingle Bells.  Firecracker’s took a year and a half of piano a couple of years ago, so he picked it up really quickly.  Rose was slower but she’s picking it up too.  The little kids loved that we had the keyboard out and that they could have fun on it.  I left the keyboard out for a couple of days just for more exploration.   The music that I downloaded for Jingle bells was a free sample download from Kinderbach.

jingle bells

We also took an interesting diversion into King David and into learning about David and Goliath.  We also started making shepherd-style slings.  The braiding that I wanted them to do was too hard for the children, so I took over.  They may be Christmas presents at the rate I’m finishing them though!

King David

I didn’t do too much with just the little kids this week.  We did do a little gross motor work with some bowling down plastic cups.


We also did worked on some fine motor skills with making fruit loop necklaces.


Then, I look a whole bunch of pictures of Owlet just because she’s little and cute.


If you haven’t visited the blog this week, I posted several posts:

  • Treasure Seekers Gold Coin Cookies–This is a wrap up of the activities that we did when we read The Story of the Treasure Seekers
    for book club.  It includes a butter cookie recipe that at least one of my children just loves.
  • Today I have a Seven Year Old–This is a happy birthday post to Rose with some of my favorite pictures of her this year and a few of her favorite things right now.
  • Creation Books–This is a wrap-up (with pictures) of how we approached a popular preschool activity.
  • I also posted last week’s This week post later than usual so some interested friends may have missed it.  I try not to publish on Saturdays, but sometimes it’s unavoidable.

Next week being Christmas, my Collage Friday will probably be the Gift edition!  I also won’t have as much writing time as on a normal week, but I’m hoping to get a post finished one some activities we’ve done with dreamcatchers and the learning that we did this fall that was inspired by The Birchbark House.

That’s all for this week!  I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!!


8 thoughts on “This Week: Rose’s Birthday and Christmas Fever

  1. Wow, I am impressed about how much you got done despite a birthday and Christmas. It is hard to have a birthday around Christmas. My son James’ birthday is December 28th, so we always have a 1/2 birthday party on June 28th so his birthday doesn’t get lost in the holidays. I am impressed that you were able to make your girl’s birthday special in the middle of the holiday season.

    1. Thank you! I really didn’t feel like we had done much until I started looking at the photos I took. Some weeks are like that! LOL

  2. Happy Birthday, Rose!!

    i also understand about not doing much Christmas schooling – some years ARE just like that. We barely did any this month, and I’m ok with that. 😉

    I appreciate you linking with Collage Friday – have a Merry Christmas!

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