Today I have a Seven Year Old

I keep telling her that she can’t keep growing.  She giggles and tells me that she has no control over it.  I know she’s right, but man, she’s making me old 🙂

Rose is loving, kind and helpful.  She wants to make me happy and she wants to help take care of her brothers and sister.  I know I don’t write about her as much as I do a couple of my other children, but that’s just because she doesn’t grow my character the way they do.  She’s a dreamy, easy child who likes to draw and play pretend.

She loves movies and books a lot more than she loves toys, but she’s slowly starting to become more interested in dolls and toys.  She spends a lot of her time writing and illustrating her own stories.


So in honor of her birthday, I thought I would ask her what some of her favorite things were:

Her favorite cereal: Fruity Pebbles

Her favorite vegetable: broccoli

Her favorite drink: Coke

Her favorite toy: Lilly Anna (her new My Generation doll)

Her favorite TV show: My Little Pony

Her favorite game:  Monopoly

Her favorite book:  All of them

Her favorite restaurant: Wendy’s (Her second favorite is Red Lobster)

Her favorite holiday:  birthdays

Her favorite animal: elephant


If she should change her name, she would change it to: Lilly Anna because then it would be the same name as the doll she got for her birthday

What she loves about each member of our family is: how Firecracker draws a lot, how Mommy cooks a lot, Daddy because he gives hugs every time he comes home, Owlet wears big hairbows and her head is small, and Monkey because he plays her games with her (She had a very hard time coming up with something about Monkey!!).


This year she would like to go to: Build a bear, Disneyworld and the beach

This year she would like to learn: about dolls, horses, and TV shows


Each child, on their birthday gets to be king/queen for the day.  We eat, watch and play what they want.  We make whatever they want.  Rose has chosen for her birthday to be superhero day.  All the kids have a current superhero obsession, driven by the numerous superhero cartoons that Monkey has made us watch on Netflix.  I’ve already been on Pinterest pinning craft ideas for when the movie watching and superhero pretend play needs some help.


So, today I just want to celebrate my Emalee Rose and let her know how much I love her and how happy I am to celebrate her seventh birthday with her!



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