This Week: Christmas Performances and Treasure Seeking

I woke up today and saw on Facebook that we were only 11  days from Christmas.  I’m having a tough time getting into the Christmas mode and spirit.  This time last year our family had already made a big shift to Christmas, so I’m surprised at my inner Grinch right now.

The kids are still very superhero focused right now.  Monkey and Rose have been spending vast amounts of time drawing and discussing superheroes.  They’ve named Firecracker research man.  He’s supposed to look up all the superheroes in our research book and tell them all the details.  They’ve been watching a show called Justice League Unlimited on Netflix and really enjoying it.

Monkey also discovered a Lego Avengers episode on Netflix and has been wanting to make drawings of Lego superheroes and villans.  He’s found Mary @ Homegrown Learners lego mini-fig printable very helpful as he’s been drawing his own Lego superheroes.


We also went to co-op this week.  (Yay for getting back into the regular schedule!)  My science class learned about red pandas and great pandas.  The children’s favorite part was making panda masks and that I allowed them some time for pretend play with their masks.

My history class had to turn in cookie maps of the Great Locomotive Chase and we discussed how the Civil War ended.

My mind is turning to next semester and I’ve begun to plan my history class for next semester.  We’re studying Knight and Samurai.  Look for me to have Medieval Mondays where I share some of those lessons and resources beginning in January 🙂


The children also had their Christmas play and performance at Community Bible Study this week.  Both the girls wanted to be Mary, and I’m a slacker so we just did head coverings.  The boys decided to be sheep, and they wore some Shawn the Sheep masks that we printed off of the BBC website.  I think Firecracker really enjoyed his mask.

Christmas performance

The rest of our week was dominated by our books.  This week we read two books that Firecracker really liked.  The first was Favorite North American Indian Legends.  He has become interested in reading fairy tales and legends because of his interest in fables.  He also continues to look for the morals in each legend and enjoy all the animals brought to life.

The other book we read was The Story of the Treasure Seekers.  It was our bookclub book for this month, and we were so far behind in reading from Thanksgiving and having the flu that we devoted two entire days to reading this book.  I loved it.  Firecracker really liked all the adventures that they got into.  (Rose claims to have hated it, but I think she just hated that the narrator was a boy!)



The rest of our week was spent making “gold coin cookies” and and Christmas ornament to go along with the Story of the Treasure Seekers.  I’ve got a post (with a recipe) about The Story of the Treasure Seekers that’s going up on Monday or Tuesday, so you’ll want to check back for that.  As you can see, I had preschool helpers for these crafts.  I think Firecracker and Rose were exhausted from all the time spent reading the book. 🙂




If you haven’t visited this week, I have three other new posts:

  • Cross-Stitch update.  I think it’s been way too long since I updated you guys on my sewing.  I’m going to try to make it a monthly thing
  • Our Favorite Christmas Fun Books because everyone needs some books that are just fun and not so serious.  Some of these have sweet ways to share the true story of Christmas
  • review we were given a membership to to test out, and you can see some of the fun that we’re having with it here.  We’ve also started taking the Everyday Astronomy course there, and Rose is spending her Saturday morning drawing a Solar system (completely without my encouragement!)

I think that about does it for this week.  I hope everyone is having a great week and are more ready than I am for Christmas!

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