Cross-Stitch Update: Floral Parrot II

I’ve been wanting to bring my weekly cross-stitch post back to the blog for a couple of months, but I haven’t made any time for stitching lately.  So, I worked some on my cross-stitching this week while I was sick, and I remembered how wonderful it is to be able to show you guys the progress that I’m making.

The current piece that I’m working on is titled “Floral Parrot II.”  It’s a design by Marie Barber, and I found it in the July/August 2013 issue of Just CrossStitch magazine.

I’m currently stitching on 28 count China pearl Jobelan, and all my threads for this project are DMC.  This is a really relaxing project to work on because it’s all whole cross-stitches.  There is no backstitching or fractionals.  I estimate that I’m about 1/4 of the way complete with the project.

Here’s the entire project to date:



Here’s a close up of the flower that I am working on right now and the parrot, which is a part also under construction.  I’m aware that the parrot does not photograph well.  It’s B5200 bright white on the pearl colored Jobelan and isn’t meant to really stand out.



I’m pleased with the cheery colors and relaxing nature of this piece 🙂


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