This Week: Field Trips and Thanksgiving

This week has been wonderfully busy leading into the quiet and relaxation of the Thanksgiving holiday.  We began by managing to go to two special events last weekend.

Our local science museum holds special family science nights, and this time the focus was on sand.  (I honestly have bought a family membership to the museum two years in a row because their educational programs are so well done.)  We learned a lot about sand and we got to meet some special characters too!  The kids were very excited to get their pictures taken with Super Why and Princess Presto!

They were also very excited to get to play back in the dinosaur dig and attempt to find their own shark’s teeth and other fossil pieces to take home.

sand night

Something we made at Tellus that they’ve been playing with at home all week are hydrophobic spoons.  You can only imagine the fun of balancing water that’s trying to roll off a spoon as you race through the house.


The next day we went to Lookout Mountain to Point Park.  They had special re-enactors because this week was the 150th anniversary of the “Battle in the Clouds” for Chattanooga, Tennessee.  However, my favorite pictures that I took were of the family in front of the beautiful rock formations and in front of the cannons.  Had it not been so cold, and I had a been better prepared, they have miles of walking trails going up and down the mountain.

We also went to a touristy place called The Battles for Chattanooga that is right next to the Point Park visitor center.  It was actually a good, but overpriced, model and presentation of the Battles that occurred around Chattanooga in 1863.  It really helped us understand what was going on.

Lookout Mountain

We did pick up some stuff at the gift shops.  Rose got a little bag full of pretty rocks.  We got playing cards with Civil War battles.  We also bought three or four new books.  So, this week we’ve read You Wouldn’t Want to Be a Civil War Soldier! and learned much about the everyday day life of a soldier.

We’ve also read The Civil War: An Interactive History Adventure (You Choose Books) over and over again.  If I had had this book sooner, I would have assigned it to my co-op class.  It was a great way to make sense of the important battles of the Civil War that turned the tide in the favor of the Union.  Also, it was so much fun that the children have wanted to read it over and over to take every single possible story path!

I must really love a certain boy because I also bought him Civil War Paper Soldiers in Full Color.  I have also spent a big part of my spare time this week cutting and pasting them.  Firecracker calls them the “beautiful soldiers.”  I know they’ll be fun for battling with for as long as they hold up.

civil war books

Of course, our week wasn’t all field trips.  My grandparents visited us and brought some new to us Barbie and M&Ms puzzles.  Rose has been really enjoying putting those together.

new puzzles

We also did all kind of Thanksgiving turkeys and had a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving lunch.  We’ve read Thanksgiving books and did some prepackaged craft kits that I bought at Hobby Lobby.  The girls wanted to make their own “Indian Headbands.”  Since it was Thanksgiving, I didn’t even try to remind them that headbands and hats varied by region.

I did think it was incredible cute that Monkey colored about 10 turkeys in different colors and drew capes and hats on them.  They were his superhero turkeys!

thanksgiving school

While they were crafting, they decided that they wanted to make some character paper crafts too.  Some of these come from Learn Create Love.  Others are hand drawn.  All were created with great enthusiasm.

paper crafts

Monkey’s been incredible busy lately.  He still loves the Kumon Sticker and Paste workbooks.  He’s been working on those.  He’s been trying to memorize the DC Comics Ultimate Character Guide and has asked for the Marvel one for Christmas.  He also spends a lot of time drawing superheros and playing with superheros.  He’s my completely, self-taught superhero expert!


I’ve been noticing something recently.  My baby isn’t a baby anymore.  She’s singing and dancing, coloring and counting.  Her hair is getting long and she plays until she is completely worn out.  She’s still cuddly and completely squeezable, but I’m so enjoying getting to see the new way she’s interacting with the world.


It’s been cold here in Georgia.  I know it doesn’t compare to the other regions of the country, but this week we finally had our first fire of the season in our fireplace.  It was so warm.

We had Thanksgiving this year at my sister’s house for my side of the family and at my mother-in-law’s house for Hubby’s side of the family.  I’m not responsible for making a Thanksgiving meal, but the children and I made some candy and no-bake cookies to share at Thanksgiving.

Rose also colored through a Cherokee Masks coloring book that I bought her last month at New Echota.  The mask book had different examples of masks and what they meant.  Indian masks have been one of Rose’s interests so this book was well worth the purchase for us.



I guess that about does it for this very picture-heavy week.  I also published a blog post this week that detailed some of the activities that we did when we studied Follow the Drinking Gourd back in September.  I’m going to slowly blog through some of the stuff we did this fall that I’ve promised myself (and you guys) that I was going to share in greater detail.

I was really excited when I found out last week that I was chosen for the Schoolhouse Review Crew for next year.  I’m hoping to be able to bring some great product reviews next year and I am excited to get to be part of the Review Crew experience.

If you’ve stuck with me through this long and wordy post, I’ll just stop to say Happy Thanksgiving!  My children heard that their favorite radio station has switched over to 24/7 Christmas music, and they are pushing me to get out the Christmas decorations and the Christmas tree.  I have a feeling that today is going to be spent taking down our blessing tree and getting up the Christmas trees and stockings.

I hope everyone else has a great weekend, filled with family and love!


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