This Week: Thanksgiving Crafts and Sequels

This week was our last week of our regular schedule before Thanksgiving.  I am glad because I think I’ll enjoy a whole week without having to get up early and get ready to go somewhere.

This week we got into the holiday spirit by making a bunch of cookies.  We made pilgrim hats, turkey cookies and snickerdoodles.  Some cookies we kept for ourselves and some we boxed up and took to our neighbors.

cookie making

We created a fairly random assortment of turkey and pumpkin art.  I used my science class at co-op to teach the children about the parts of a turkey, and they seemed to have fun.  Rose has been drawing her hands and then decorating her hand turkeys with patterns and flags.  We did a turkey chalk pastel and we learned about pointillism and created pointillist pumpkins.

Thanksgiving crafts

Firecracker’s fable obsession continued.  We’ve begun making our own fable notebooks, and we started by learning about “The Fox and the Pitcher.”  I enjoyed the children’s writing about something they’ve learned “little by little.”  Firecracker and Rose both chose to write about learning to ride their bikes without training wheels.  I thought it was cute because they’ve both accomplished that within the last six months.


Monkey’s also continued to draw.  These are his pictures of Wolverine and Hulk.  He is obsessed with everything superhero right now.  In fact, every leaf he’s had me write for our blessing tree relates to a superhero this year.

Monkey's superheroes

Speaking of Monkey, he and Firecracker made Native American fringed pouches this week.  Monkey wore his around for several days as he pretended to be a “pirate Indian.”

pirate indian

Monkey and Owlet also both learned “J is for Jellyfish and Jewels” at co-op this week.  They were very proud of their pretty crafts.

j is for jellyfish

I also got some new craft supplies this week.  I bought a ton of fleece at JoAnn’s this weekend to make blankets for each of the children and my nephews for Christmas.  I’ve already made Rose and Owlet’s and I love them!

I also used some of my birthday money from my parents to buy the kids and myself some new chalk pastels since we’ve been enjoying the tutorials over at Hodgepodge so much.  The turkey we did is actually from their Fall Pastel Art ebook.

new supplies

We also read a ton this week.  In fact, we spent two whole afternoons doing nothing but reading aloud this week.  This week we read A Perfect Time for Pandas.  The day we read it we spent the whole rest of the afternoon watching cute panda videos  and educational panda videos on National Geographic.  Owlet even squealed at the videos and said, “Oh my goodness!  They’re so cute!” (48th book in the series)

We also read The Rabbit And The Turtle.  It’s a collection of fables that Eric Carle has illustrated and made just a little more young reader friendly.  I love the illustrations!

We read Gooney Bird Is So Absurd.  The children love the gentle school adventures that the kids have had and are even learning about different “schoolish” things while they read.  This installment of Gooney Bird is related to poetry, and I even caught Firecracker saying, “I made a rhyme!  Cool!  I made a poem.”  I can tell that I could interest them in doing some poetry once their fable interest has played itself out. (4th book in the series)

We read Whatever After #2: If the Shoe Fits.  It’s the second book in a mixed-up fairy tale novel series, and the children love it.  They laugh so hard!  I’m pretty sure Rose is going to get the other two books in this series for Christmas.

We also spent an entire afternoon reading The Lemonade Crime.  It’s the sequel to The Lemonade War.  In this book, brother and sister Evan and Jessi Treski put their friend Scott “on trial” for stealing $208 from Evan in the first book.  It clarified the concept of symmetry for the children and introduced the concept of a trial to them.  They saw words like judge, jury, plaintiff, and defendant for the first time.  That was pretty cool and would make a great introduction to a unit on the legal system.  (However, my children are fable crazy, so I’m stowing the book away to re-read later when we encounter these concepts again.) I also think I see some trial play coming up in my children’s pretend games.

When we first read The Lemonade Crime, I was taken aback because the children aren’t perfect.  They say and act in ways toward each other that are very real and sometimes wrong.  I think it was a jump that we needed to make in our literature.  We needed to realize that, just like us, not every main character is perfect.
our reads


Before I close this weekly wrap-up, I wanted to report some progress we’ve made on something we started last year.  Last October (13 months ago), I felt convicted to start reading a chapter or two of the Bible to the children every morning.  This week we finished Ruth.  It’s slow and steady progress, but we are still continuing to make progress on that goal.

Finally, I also wrote a review piece this week on the current issue of The Old Schoolhouse.  If you don’t read The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, you should.  It has inspiration for just about every type of homeschooler out there.  If you read my review, it will share my favorite articles from this month’s issue.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and that all my American friends have a great Thanksgiving!  Don’t forget to check out all the other wonderful Collage Friday authors!


5 thoughts on “This Week: Thanksgiving Crafts and Sequels

  1. I love all the Thanksgiving crafts!!! Those are the things our kids remember forever. And all the reading!! Love it. And reading The Bible is wonderful. I have always wanted to do that with Kei. Happy Thanksgiving Rebecca!!!

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