The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Review

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine is a well-known publication in the homeschool community.  They publish a bimonthly magazine that is available free online with the goal of providing practical help and inspiration to homeschooling families.

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I was recently given the opportunity to review The Old Schoolhouse Magazine (November/December Issue) by the Schoolhouse Review Crew.

The magazine’s webpage is clear and easy to navigate.  As I looked though the magazine on my computer, it was presented as a two page layout with a scrolling active table of contents on the left hand side of the screen.  There were menu buttons at the top for zooming, page searches, downloading, article sharing and printing.  There are also buttons for turning pages at the top of the webpage.  However, page turning is also easily accomplished with the arrow buttons on each side of the magazine layout.

If you do most of your reading on your tablet, they also offer The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Apps for iPad, Nook, Kindle Fire and Android.  I usually read the magazine on my Kindle Fire.  The navigation of the app is just as easy as navigating on the computer.

The appeal of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine is wide range of articles that they publish.  They appeal to every type of homeschooler, from the classical homeschooler to those that are almost unschoolers.  There’s something for everyone on the pages of the magazine.

I naturally gravitate to Mary Hood’s Ordinary Homeschooler column.  This month’s article is the third part of her “Using the Library to Create Your Own Curriculum:  Science and Social Studies.”  She advocates that you and your children use your children’s areas of interest to plan their own studies.  Obviously, this appeals to me on many levels.  I can’t help but nod my head as I read the words about buying a complete curriculum,

The only problem is, then it will never be YOUR curriculum, and your children will have an even less feeling of ownership over their learning experiences.

After reading this, I then flip back to the Editorial, written by Deborah Wuehler, “Having a Holiday Heart: Seven Reasons to Celebrate (Even When You Don’t Feel Like It).”  I found convicting words here.  She talks about Simeon and how he celebrated Jesus’s birth as the answer to his prayers for the salvation of the world, even though he would only live to see this Savior as a baby.  It made me wonder how many times I truly pray for the salvation of the world.

I also wondered whether or not I’m truly looking for the Lord to answer my prayers and believing that he is going to answer them.  I wonder if sometimes I fail to see the small answers that he gives me.  I thought about all the times that I mistake his providence for coincidence.  Wuehler’s article was exactly what I needed to read this week.

One of the things that I love about The Old Schoolhouse Magazine is that it is unapologetically Christian.  I know that, not only am I going to be encouraged, but also that the encouragement that I receive will be in line with God’s word.

Those are just two examples of the encouragement that I found in the pages of the magazine.  I was also interested in Jessica Huley’s “Can We Teach Godly Character?” article, Sheila Campbell’s “Learning to Love Silence and Solitude,” Kendra Fletcher’s “Creating Holiday Fun with the Littlest Ones,” and the four articles in the magazine about phonics and reading which will be helpful to me with all four of my children.

If those were the only articles that interested me, that alone would be worth the time spent reading the magazine, but guess what?  There were only one or two articles in the whole magazine that did not interest me, and the only reason they didn’t was because my children are not old enough for me to be thinking about college preparation yet!

If you haven’t read The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, you should give it a try.  Even if you’re only interested in one or two articles, it’s worth the time you spend reading those articles.  However, I can guarantee that once you start reading the magazine, you’ll find many more articles to interest you than you thought you would.

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4 thoughts on “The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Review

  1. I remember when I still received the print version, long before I knew about the Crew. Of course, I am not sure how long the Crew has been around for sure. Anyhow, I loved receiving the print magazine, but I haven’t spent much time reading the digital ones. I didn’t realize they had an app for Android. hmmm. I just can’t sit at the computer reading a magazine.
    Thanks for sharing with Throwback Thursday Blog-Style. This post was selected as the feature this week. I understand today is Thanksgiving, however, I did decide to post Throwback Thursday. If you have anything to share, I invite you to stop by at your convenience. I am leaving the linky open until Saturday this week.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. I find that I’m often printing out the articles I like best to have them handy when I want to read. When I do my Twitter day for the Crew, I always look for a good article to share 😀

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