This Week: A Week for Reading

This week was not a week that I could take many pictures of.  It was very peaceful and felt busy, but the kids were complaining to me this afternoon how little of what was on their to-do list that we’d actually gotten done this week.

Instead of creating, this week we have been busy with co-op, bible study, AWANA, book club and lots and lots of reading.

I’m starting off with a brag.  This is the first year that I’ve had a child who was old enough to be in the T&T program, and I’m very happy with the materials.  In the younger years, there’s so much focus on memory verses that the children don’t get to do much more than memorize.

Starting in third grade, they have little projects that they have to do along the way to earn their awards.  Below is an assignment that Firecracker worked on this week for T&T.  He had to draw three pictures and write three sentences on a time that he was afraid.  He also had to write his memory verse on his picture.  I really enjoyed the way his assignment came to life and the approach he took to creating his story/drawing.


We also worked a little more on learning about the  Civil War from our lovely Homeschool in the Woods pack.  Firecracker also continues to watch the animated battle maps at Civil War Trust.  His current favorite video is the one on Antietam. 

civil war

We actually have been back on Indians a little bit this week.  We learned (and spent most of an entire afternoon) playing an Iroquois dish game.  There were a lot of giggles at our house that afternoon.  My pictures have blue tint to them because Monkey kept holding up a book light to “help” us see better.

dish game

We didn’t get all the Thanksgiving stuff done that I had hoped.  However, we kept adding leaves to our blessing tree and we drew some chalk pastel acorns one afternoon.


We read several books this week.  We read our book club book, Caddie Woodlawn.  It was great timing to read this because it’s set during the Civil War and because Rose is learning about pioneers in history at co-op.  It fit right in with what we’re working on.

We also read Paddle-to-the-Sea.  I strewed it as gentle geography study to go with the Ojibwa Indian books that we’ve been reading.  They learned about the Great Lakes and so much more besides that.

Rose picked the Just So Stories out of our book box this week.  The kids loved them all.  I was worried that they’d be bored, but they were highly entertained.  I don’t even know why I moved it down to our book box, but she found it 🙂  Completely by coincidence, Firecracker picked Aesop’s Fables for Children off of one of our bookcases, so it felt like we had a related reading week between the two books.

He was inspired by Gooney the Fabulous.  In that Gooney Bird book, the students are making up their own fables.  That reminded Firecracker of how much he loves fables.  He also wants to do some more fable activities, so I’ve found a fable book that I bought during Scholastic’s one dollar days on my stick drive for him to try some stuff out of.
readingI haven’t posted anything about the toddlers this week.  It’s because they’ve been grumpy and in desperate need of naps this week!  LOL

Actually, Monkey has been spending most of his time either playing with superheroes or drawing pictures of them.  He’s really beginning to make cute little stick men 🙂

Owlet has mostly wanted to sit with me and watch Dora.  She’s also helped me cook and do every other household task that I’ve done this week.

sleepy babies

I also took a rare collection of photos of some of my personal interests.  I’m currently working a beautiful parrot floral by Marie Barber.  I’m already planning to mount it as a canvas when I get finished, and I love all the bright colors.

We were exceptionally broke last week and were unable to do our regular take-out pizza on Friday night, so we made some smiley-face pepperoni pizzas at home.  The really broke Friday, however, was also the day that the Lord answered my prayer for a free new-to-us couch.  (It’s amazing to watch the way God works!)

I also burst out laughing earlier this week.  I was folding clothes.  Do you see the pile of red and pink that I took a picture of.  Yep.  Those are about 2/3 of my t-shirts.  I guess you guys all know my favorite color now!!

my stuff

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!  Linking up with:


6 thoughts on “This Week: A Week for Reading

  1. I love the joy and appreciation that comes through this post, Rebecca. LOL about the red and pink shirts! The pics of Monkey and Owlet sleeping are very sweet. Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thank you! I was looking back at some older posts this week, and I realized just how much I’ve been transformed in homeschooling, and how much joy it’s added to our homeschool 🙂 Hope you have a great weekend too!

  2. Your blessing tree is great! Lots of great things happening this week. Your colorful parrot project looks awesome. I love needlework too. Have a. Great weekend and another fun week.

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