This Week: God Made Me and Dressing a Soldier’s Part

I always write my weeks from Friday to Thursday, so we do have a little bit of Halloween hangover on the blog this week.  🙂  We spent our day on Friday doing our annual post Halloween “candyfest.”

First, we counted and graphed candy.  Then, we ate as much as we wanted to and watched all our Halloween movies.  It made little dent in our candy stash though, especially since we collected more candy at our church’s fall festival the next night.  Here’s just a sampling of all the candy that entered our house.

Halloween Haul

Of course, I could barely let Halloween pass by before I made our blessing tree and had the children make their Thanksgiving notebooks for this year.  We make them and put cute crafts, drawings, turkey worksheets, thankfulness scripture that we copy, etc. in there each year.  I feel like it really helps us to focus on Thankfulness before we get into Christmas.

Thanksgiving is coming

My science class studied seals this week.  We made sock puppet seals because that’s what my kids requested that we do.  I think they turned out pretty well.


It was also a project day in my history class.  Firecracker dressed as a union soldier for his project.  We also worked on different types of uniforms (worksheets are from History Pockets: The American Civil War).  He’s also been using videos to learn about Ulysses S. Grant and about the battle of Shiloh.  The battle of Shiloh has been reenacted in our home with much carnage.  You can also see his timeline on the collage below.  It’s from the beautiful Homeschool in the Woods Civil War Unit Study.

Civil War


I’ve tried to make up a little bit for being such a slacker preschool mom this week.  I started off with some new homemade cloud dough for sensory play.

cloud dough


Then, we also seriously hit the idea of “God Made Me.”  The kids made pictures of themselves with yarn and googly eyes.  Then, we all traced each other on large paper.  That’s always so much fun, and even Firecracker wanted to participate.  He even got so into it that he traced some of his Mario dolls.

God Made Me


This is also the week that we went back to using progressive phonics a little bit.  My kids were crying out for the silly stories from it, and both of their reading skills have improved so much since we were using it last winter.

I also decided to teach them some new math related games.  We haven’t done math since we finished reading the Life of Fred Elementary series last month.  I had fully intended on going back into the series with a more intense look at the math.  However, the kids’ interest wasn’t there.  So, this week, I pulled out my card game math books and started finding some more fun ways to practice math.

Below are a few of my favorite pictures that I haven’t put in this post yet this week.  They just don’t seem to go with anything.  I especially love this picture of Rose in her apron she made at CBS.  She put on the apron to help me do housework.  I think she’s beautiful inside and out.



That’s about it for this week.  Our plans for this next week entail some serious reading, Civil War learning and Thanksgiving activities.  Hope everyone else has a great weekend and a happy week next week!


5 thoughts on “This Week: God Made Me and Dressing a Soldier’s Part

  1. What a joyful week you had. We did those full size drawings of the kids a few years ago at the beginning of school when we studied creation (last year). So fun to see how much they grew in a year!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Rose does look very beautiful 🙂 It looks like you had a lovely week. I love the relaxed vibe I get from it. My 8yr old son is nearing the end of the Fred Elementary series too. I’ve been dipping into a few Murderous Maths books with my 9yr old daughter – I think my son might like them too when we’re finished with Fred (for now).
    Have a great weekend! Lucinda

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