The week of Halloween

This week was a major milestone for me.  I turned 35!!  Hubby and I have not had time for a fabulous date night yet, but we did have some great times with our family this weekend celebrating my special day.  We had a bonfire with hot dogs and marshmallows at my parents’ house and my in-laws brought me a delicious (and decadent) double-decker cookie cake.

The only actual pictures I have to share are of the cookie cake and of my Mom coming to my Bible study to sing happy birthday to me.  (I’m the lady in red, and I did have the vain thought when I saw the pictures that I wish I’d worn makeup to Bible study that night 🙂 )

my birthday

We studied whales in science in co-op this week.  The kids weren’t that into it.  Some weeks go better than others.

My history class made duct tape ironclad ship models though, and they were really cool.  Firecracker even had to come home that afternoon and test his for seaworthiness.


We spent the rest of the week making Halloween crafts.  We made the pumpkin collage paintings that are on the Deep Space Sparkle Blog.  The yellow pumpkin at the bottom of this collage belongs to Monkey.  I did the cutting for him, but he did all the drawing and painting on his pumpkin.  I’m really impressed at the way his fine motor skills have suddenly started coming along in drawing the past two weeks.

I have to admit there were a few tears from Rose when we did this project.  She didn’t like that I had them mix their own colors.  She was still pleased with the end result.  Her pumpkin in the one in the top right corner.

pumpkin paintings

We also carved a pumpkin this week.  Rose and Monkey were very enthusiastic about it this year.

We did a little bit of ghost science this week.   This was a perfect opportunity to discuss rocket propulsion, and the air coming out of the back of the balloon provided the thrust necessary to propel the ghost forward.

Pumpkin carving

We made several Halloween crafts this week.  They are (going around clockwise): paper cone Halloween dolls, handprint spiders, cotton ball and toilet paper ghosts, and  paper bag mummies.

Halloween Crafts

We did read a coupe of books that weren’t Halloween related.  We finished Paul Fleischman’s Bull Run and also read a book about Beavers.  Firecracker is working on his history project from Bull Run this weekend.

We also worked a little with a writing curriculum that I was using for a review.  You can read my full review here, and if the kids don’t object, I’m probably going to keep using it a little bit longer.  I don’t think the curriculum was anything revolutionary, but it was solid, and the kids enjoyed it as a five-minute piece of “tablework” in the mornings.

Books this weekI also collected a bunch of random shots that don’t go anywhere this week.  This collage is of Firecracker and Rose around the house.  I laughed a lot at the bottom two pictures.  They decided to use their bodies to make letters of the alphabet on Saturday afternoon.  Then, on Monday, they took out all the toddler riding toys and made a live-action MarioKart race.  I’m really beginning to see some fruit from allowing them the time to be creative.


big kids


The little kids also had bunches of fun this week.  No organized activities for them except for the crafts they did with us.  However, they played on my Kindle, got out the sticker books, drew a lot, and pulled bunches of books off the bookshelves to make their own bridge/pathway.



I have to show you one last collage.  I spent part of my week making our Halloween costumes.  We agreed to be the Incredibles this year, and I really enjoyed getting everyone to dress alike.  We trick-or-treated through the neighborhood this year and gave out candy and invitations to our church’s fall festival this weekend.  We’re going to be wearing our Incredibles costumes again there, and playing a game of “Pin the Mask on the Incredible”.


incredible halloween


Many of you will be reading this during the day on Friday.  I expect we’ll be having our second annual post-Halloween movie and candy bash.  We’ll be trying to incorporate lots of candy math and science (pinned on Pinterest), eat as much of our candy as we want, watch all of our Halloween movies and read all of our Halloween books before we turn our focus to Thanksgiving.  They’ve been looking forward to the “candy and movie day” all week!

I’m linking up this week with Collage Friday.  Thank you, Mary, for hosting the link-up.


10 thoughts on “The week of Halloween

    1. Thank you! We were really excited about the duct tape iron clad too. In fact, it’s getting a lot of play around here 🙂

    1. Thank you! It’s the first year I’ve gotten all six of us to be the same thing, so I was really excited about it 🙂

  1. What great arts and crafts you all had this week. The family themed costumes are fun. I should get my family to pick a theme next year.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. Happy Birthday! Those are great costumes too, you even got the masks. I miss projects like you’ve been doing with your kids. Maybe we can do a few even if it’s middle school. Lol. Have a. Great weekend.

    1. It made me a little sad this week when Firecracker told me he was too old to do handprint crafts. 😦 However, he has some great ideas for more complicated, older crafts lately!

  3. Tee hee – I love the costumes! You all look great. I love the Halloween art & crafts too. The kids got the pumpkin colours really well. And of course – (a belated) Happy Birthday! Love the birthday photos, you look very happy. 🙂

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