Apple Orchards and Lots of Pictures

Last Friday we spent most of our day at an apple orchard.  We went with our homeschool group, and had great fun.  We got to learn about apples, cows and chickens.  We got to milk a cow.  We got to go on a wagon ride.  We even got to watch pig races and tour a pioneer era house.


The kids’ favorite part though was the petting zoo.  My big kids loved the baby goats the most.  Owlet and Monkey, however, loved the kittens.  Owlet even cried when she had to give the kitten back to the orchard people.

petting zoo at Hillcrest

After Friday, they were very excited over the weekend to visit Nana and Grandad.  They had bought three new baby chicks.  That brings their current chicken total to fifteen.

baby chicks

The mornings are cooler here and our highs are mostly in the 70s.  The kids have been complaining about the cool weather 😀  So, this week I started pulling out some of their long sleeved Halloween themed/colored clothes to wear.  Here is my beautiful Owlet wearing a hairbow that is almost as big as her head with her owl t-shirt.  I never got the perfect pose, but I think she’s cute anyway.

beautiful girl

We also had co-op this week.  The kids studied frogs in science.  The cute frog lifecycle crowns are from Teach With Me.  We also made paper plate frog puppets from DLTK Kids.


Firecracker turned in his Freedom Train monopoly in history class.  Here are a few pictures, but I’m going to make a separate post soon (My posts other than my Collage Friday are currently running about 6-8 weeks behind  real life, so it may not be too soon!!).  That post will detail how he constructed and the decisions that he made as well as how I evaluate learning from projects since we do not give tests, quizzes or worksheets and I do not use grades.

Freedom Train Monopoly

We also learned about Ft. Sumter this week.  I had never asked Firecracker to trace a map before, but Ft. Sumter has an easy map, and I was influenced to try something new by reading a recent geography post by Mary at Homegrown Learners. (Thanks so much, Mary!  We’ll definitely be doing that again!!)

fort sumter

The kids also continued their learning about Northeast Indians.  We’re starting to blend over from Chippewa Indians over to Iroquois.  We’re near the very end of what I had pulled out for Chippewa learning though, so we’ll be making that transition soon.

This week one of the major things that we discussed was how the Ojibwa and other Algonquian language family Indians changed even their houses as the seasons changed.  This was no surprise to the kids because we read about it in The Birchbark House.  However, we helped to cement this knowledge with a model.  I really am enjoying the models and crafts that we’ve been making from Make and Learn: Northeast Indians.  We’re going to use several more models as we continue to linger in the Northeast.

NE Indian seasons

We also finally made the dreamcatchers that we have planned to make for a couple of weeks.  Here are our finished projects.


We actually spent the rest of our Indian time this week focusing on canoes.  We read Hiawatha this week.  I shared a picture book version with the kids, but downloaded the whole poem onto my Kindle to enjoy myself.  We then made construction paper canoes that I got from Enchanted Learning.  These canoes are pretty awesome.  Monkey’s been playing with his by putting his Spiderman and Batman figurines in them to sail.


We also started reading Paddle-to-the-Sea.  I’m hoping to interest the kids in making their own maps and learning more about the area that the Chippewa lived in.  We’ll see how it actually turns out.  This week, they couldn’t help but carve their own paddle people and boats.  We used soap and butter knives.

soap carving


We also did a little gluing and painting with the younger kids.

preschool crafts


Rose has also spent all her spare time this week drawing.  She’s starting to really get much better and more detailed.  I also love that she adds color to her drawings.

Rose's drawing


And, of course, we had plenty of fun playing (including Hubby teaching them how to make different shadow puppets) around the house.   They also were very patient as we went to BJ’s and did our monthly grocery shopping.  Oh yes.  There was lots of sleeping too!

around the house


I know this is double the size of my usual collage Friday post.  I blame it on the field trip, but I may have just taken a lot of pictures this week 🙂

Hope everyone else has a great weekend, and don’t forget to visit the other fabulous Collage Friday authors.  Thank you, Mary, for hosting the link-up!!


6 thoughts on “Apple Orchards and Lots of Pictures

  1. What a lot of fabulous hands-on learning! I love the monopoly – it looks like your son put a lot of time and effort into it. Owlet’s halloween coloured costume is very cute! My project posts are very behind, too! I hope you’re all having a great weekend. Lucinda

  2. I can not believe all the things you accomplish!! How fun the Apple Orchard looks. We went last year but I don’t think we are going this year. I love the Monopoly game!!! I love learning with games. I love all the hands on learning you all do!!

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