My Superhero

He often goes around dressed in costume.  In fact, he even plans his clothes based on his favorite superhero that week.



He believes that wearing a cape makes him super.  He even tells me to call him Batman.  Sometimes I wonder why he has this obsession with superheroes.   Does he really feel so big?



Then, I think about Jesus.  I think about my superhero that I cling to in my weakness, not in my strength.  I realize that Monkey doesn’t love superheroes because he feels strong.  He loves superheroes because he is weak and they make him feel strong.



I pray that someday he will come to know the true superhero–the one and only Jesus.  He will be the one who will ultimately strengthen Monkey and make him realize that a true hero is made not just by displays of strength, but also by serving others.  A true hero is one who gives himself for others.



I pray that Monkey realizes that true strength isn’t found in a big red super S, but instead is found in the red blood that Jesus shed for him.  I pray that he, who feels so useful and important when he saves his stuffed animals from the bad guys, will one day realize that only in Jesus will he find what will make him truly useful and his God-given talents and destiny.



Meanwhile, I will watch Monkey run around in capes and save toys from danger.  I will know this makes him feel important.  I will see him running (not walking) through my house in his superhero cape, and know that makes him feel strong.  I will smile and realize that even a three year old is looking for meaning and a savior.  He just doesn’t even realize it yet.


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