Chronicles of Dinosauria

Recently, I was thrilled to receive a new book from New Leaf Publishing group to review.  In fact, the cover and the art of the book is so beautiful that I might of squealed a little bit when I opened it.

Chronicles of Dinosauria turned out to be just as much as delight on the inside as it is on the outside.  Dave Woetzel has set out to find the truth out about dragon legends.  Did dragons really exist?  Could they be dinosaurs?  Could dinosaurs and man have co-existed?

Every legend starts with truth and one of the first things that Woetzel sets out to do is to prove to you that “dragon sightings” happened occasionally to the most sober and serious of people.  He outlines many dragon sightings that the casual dragon lover might not have heard about.  One of the most impressive that I remember from the book is his description of a dragon menacing the senate building in ancient Rome.  This is not the stuff that we hear in most history books!

He further builds the case that the descriptions of dinosaur and monster sightings match many of the descriptions that we have of dinosaurs from their skeletons.  He shows examples of artwork around the world that matches the descriptions of dinosaurs.  He further draws the conclusion that if these examples are so prevalent in ancient and medieval cultures around the world, then it only makes sense that a small remnant of dinosaurs continued to live on well into medieval times.

I admit it.  I’m convinced.  Firecracker’s convinced too.  After we read some of this book aloud, he told his father, “Guess what, Dad?  Dinosaurs are really dragons!!”

This book was fun and educational for both of us.  If you visit, and go to the product page, you can download the trailer and a sample of the book.  You might be convinced too!!


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