Relaxed Week

I grew a lot as a mother this week.  I grew a lot as an educator this week.  I did something very unusual for me and embraced a rhythm of rest.

We had missions conference at the church this week.  It’s really almost as exciting as Christmas or Easter.  Missionaries that our church supports or that are looking for support visit our church and the people of our church raise money for a special project and decide how much money that God wants us to give to missions this year.

Missions conference is a wonderful time, but it means that we stay out late every night.  That means that we sleep in a little bit every morning and often our days aren’t as productive as my former teacher self wants to make them.

This week was the first time that I was really okay with that.  Instead of pushing, I waited.  Instead of making everyone miserable, I relaxed.  We have a happy home and kids that are learning both from life and from our books.

We did accomplish a few things though, and here’s what we did.

The preschoolers continued playing with glue this week.  I talked to them about how God made people and we made collages with people that Rose helped me cut out of a magazine for them.  They can’t get enough of the glue sticks 🙂

God made peopleWe tried a couple of recipes out of that Japan activity book that we’ve been going through some over the past few months.   On the left, we have a rice flour and sugar concoction and on the right we have a homemade sushi.  The kids hated both.  It’s unusual for all four kids to hate something, but they all refused more than a nibble of either recipe.

japanese food

We made a map of Northeast Indian tribes.   It was a good thing to do because they were wondering where on earth the Chippewa Indians were in comparison to the Seminoles.  We got this map activity from Northeast Indians: Easy Make and Learn Projects.  I love this book and I got it during Scholastic dollar days earlier this year.  Expect to see several more models from it as we explore the Chippewa and Iroquois Indians.

Northeast Indian mapsWe spent a lot of time watching the Lilo and Stitch movies.  They’re on Netflix now!  We also played a lot of Nintendo DS and Kindle.  I am proud to report that Firecracker has finally earned the money to buy a 3DS upgrade from his original DS.  He’s playing like crazy right now.


We didn’t have co-op this week because of Missions Conference (Our co-op meets at our church.).  However, we did have Community Bible Study, and we even had a luncheon after class this week.  It was a good time for Moms and kids.  I loved Firecracker’s drawing and writing about the fruit of the Spirit so much I just had to take a picture.

We also read a book about dreamcatchers this week called Grandmother’s Dreamcatcher.  We colored our own stained glass coloring pages from Dreamcatchers.  We talked about making our own dreamcatchers but we have to take a trip to Hobby Lobby to do that, so we haven’t so far.



I guess that about does it for our week.  I hope everyone has a great weekend, and I’m excited to be linking up this week with Collage Friday!


4 thoughts on “Relaxed Week

  1. It’s wise to realise that just because we’re not actively ‘teaching’ the children all the time, that doesn’t mean that they’re not learning in their own ways. 🙂 Sorry to hear that your children didn’t like the Japanese food. I guess it’s a matter of what they’re used to tasting. The food looks good though. 🙂

  2. Guilty! It’s hard for me to relax and let some days simply flow. This past week we actually haven’t felt 100%…and I was able to let go a little bit, not worrying about completing every single thing every single day. Sometimes the sniffles and coughs win out, but it wasn’t a “loss” in learning! Too bad about the Japanese food. We once made a more traditional Colonial America meal (from a book) and the kids only like the cornbread out of 5 recipes! But it’s still a good learning experience! They’ll remember that food! LOL

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