Back in the Saddle

This week has felt tremendously busy.  We have finally started all of our Fall activities and everything that we do met this week.   We’ve been somewhere everyday this week, and I am so glad that we’re going to be at home all day today.  Once I get used to it, our schedule will seem totally normal, but this week was hard.

I decided to organize my collages of my children by child this week so that you could get a peek into each child’s world.

Firecracker has the most pictures this week but that’s just because, since he’s my third grader, he has the most work 🙂  We finished reading Homer Price this week and went to our monthly book club meeting on Thursday.  We did have to make some doughnuts though after reading the chapter about too many doughnuts.

We’ve moved on in our Indian tribe studies at home to the Chippewa Indians.  We’re currently reading The Birchbark House at a leisurely pace and doing activities as we finish each chapter.  This week we made our own little birchbark house wigwams using the instructions in More Than Moccasins.  We also read about the Chippewa tribe in Childcraft Annual 1980: The Indian Book.  (This book is an out of print gem for learning about Indians in different regions in North America.)  There was a project in there for making puckered moccasins because the Chippewa tribe is named after their distinctive puckered moccasins.  We made ours out of felt, and Firecracker was very excited and proud that he got to sew a portion of his own moccasins.

We also are taking part in a science and history co-op this semester and Firecracker is learning about slavery and the civil war in history class.  (I’m actually teaching that class, so I’ll have some resources coming soon that we’re using.)  He’s learning astronomy in science class this semester, and this week his homework dealt with reading about the Earth, sun and moon and making notebooking pages.

We’re doing a little science at home too, and we’re using Amanda Bennett’s Sunny Seashells as a spine for that learning.  Firecracker and Rose were both really impressed this week with being able to identify shells out of their beach bucket and separate them into bivalve and univalve.

Monday, we went to the local history museum and learned about Cesar Chavez and Susan B. Anthony.  We learned words like “strike,” “boycott,” and “protest.”  I thought it was fascinating because I’d never learned about Chavez and the plight of the migrant worker before.  The kids enjoyed making protest posters to march with.  Firecracker says he might make one now that says, “Boycott showers.” 🙂

I didn’t take any pictures but we also started Community Bible Study this week, and we’re studying Romans this year.  I’m so excited!  Firecracker’s class even made Romans Road bookmarks as one of their first day activities.


Rose did a lot of the same activities that Firecracker did.  She does bookclub.  She went to the history museum.  She does CBS, but isn’t old enough to do the Romans study until next year.

She does all of the at home history and science we do.  As you can tell from her birchbark house, she loves glue.

Her co-op classes don’t have as much homework as Firecracker’s do, but we’ve been reading some books about insects and narrating them for science.   She’s nervous because her history teacher gives quizzes and she’s never had a quiz or test before, but I know she’ll do great.

While I’ve been working individually with Firecracker this week, she’s been making soda bottle robots.  She loves to craft.


Monkey and I did not do a bunch of preschool work this week.  Instead, he’s been  dressing up as Toad from Mario Brothers (Firecracker’s been dressing up as Luigi.), and he’s been playing with his cars and his superheroes.

He’s also been wanting to glue everything in sight with his glue stick out of his pencil box from co-op.  He did an entire Kumon Sticker and Paste this week.  I ordered him four more sticker and paste workbooks from Amazon this week to help him with his gluing obsession.



Owlet is just like me and has had a hard time remembering how to get up early and go places.  She’s taken plenty of naps and even went to bed earlier some nights to compensate.

She’s played a game or two on the computer (with me helping with the tricky mouse), and has played on my Kindle.  She’s driven her stroller with her babies in it all around the house.

She and Monkey have also run around the house in the alligator tails that they made in the preschool class at co-op.  She’s had a happy week 🙂



I guess that about does it for our week.  I have a bunch of more detailed tutorials of some of the stuff that we’ve done recently and lists of resources that I fully intend to post and haven’t gotten around to yet.  They’re in my notebook (along with the August Reads that I never got around to writing last week).

I hope everyone else has a good week as they’re getting back into the swing of things this month!



7 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle

  1. I love the pics this week! We are starting American History this year (4th grade) and I can’t wait to get involved in the Native Americans, Slavery etc…I just love learning (again) along with them. Love the dog photo also. CUTE!

    1. Thank you! I’m excited about history this year because I’m learning just as much as the kids are :-)…That dog is into everything in our house, but the kids adore him!

  2. Oh, I hear you on the busy schedule adjustment! After this week, I’m wondering if I over-booked our days! And I’m looking forward to a weekend at home! I made SURE I had Saturday AND Sunday unscheduled.

    Sounds like your co-op classes are varied…but phew! busy days for you too! We’ll get used to it, right? LOL

  3. Rebecca, I just wanted to tell you that I see your comments on other blogs that link with Collage Friday and that makes me so happy. It’s bloggers like you that just put a smile on my face. Hugs to you, and have a great weekend!

  4. Such fun projects for all of you! I so wish we homeschooled at that age so that we could have done things like that together. But you have such great ideas.

    It’s hard when all the activities start again. This was our first week with all of ours and it was a busy week. I hope you all get back into the swing of things quickly.

  5. What fun things you always do! I called Keilee in to see the “Toad” pictures! Love them. I love all the hands on projects you do. Even at 13 those are Keilee’s favorite kind of projects. I really think we should all start a movement to change the name of “homeschooling” to something more accurate. Like RoamSchooling!

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