An Overdue Update

It’s hard for me to believe, but lately, I’ve been so busy with the kids that I haven’t had time to actually sit down and write about what we’re doing.  A lot of it I didn’t take photos of either.  I kick myself every time I get too busy to get the camera out.  However, here are some of the things we’ve been doing and places that we’ve been going.

We learned more about Seminole Indians, including making our own corn cob dolls to play in the chickee that we built a couple of weeks ago.  Our dog stole the show though because he kept stealing the cobs and eating them.  So much for corn cob dolls!!

corn cob dolls

We also made a gingerbread Seminole, and decided to move on to Chippewa and Iroquois Indians next time we get back to our Indian studies.

gingerbread seminole

One day when the little kids were seeming kind of bored, I put a balloon on a string and hung it off of the bookcase.  Much fun and play ensued.  In fact, Monkey and Owlet played with it for for two or three days.

toddlers balloon ball

My Dad brought us over a red-tail hawk feather from his yard to identify.  Rose decided that we needed to make a quill and some ink from blueberries.  It was totally cool.  Lest you think that Rose is really into history, I have to confess that the inspiration for this project was the quills that they’re seen using in My Little Pony.

quill and ink

My sister also had a birthday.  We had dinner with her and my parents.  We also made birthday cake chalk pastels.  They were a video tutorial from Hodgepodge.

birthday cake

We also started back to AWANAs.  This year will be the only year that I have one child in each of the four levels that our church offers:  Puggles, Cubbies, Sparks, and T&T.  Monkey is so proud of his new Cubbies vest and works so hard in his little Cubbies book.  I just love his little boy earnestness :-)…My kids also loved that Monkey’s intro book for Cubbies was “Apple Acres.”  It reminded them of Sweet Apple Acres on My Little Pony.


We also drew our own lego mini-figs and sculpted and painted our own mini-fig creation.  The mini-fig worksheets came from Homegrown Learners.

clay mini-figs

We made some nice green playdough and we made lots of playdough shapes, including green snowmen.  Whenever I made a new batch of playdough, the kids, especially Monkey, play with it for days and days.

green playdough

I also laughed one morning recently when I came into the dining room to find a live-action Plants vs. Zombies game going on.

live action plants and zombies

We also started reading Homer Price for this month’s bookclub meeting.  One of the first things we’ve done with that book is to make a pet elevator, just like the one that Homer uses to lift Aroma in and out of his room.

pet elevator

Another thing we’ve done is started co-op.  Here’s the kids’ picture on the first day of school.  I’m excited to be teaching Firecracker’s Civil War class.  I’ll try and remember to post the lesson plans for my Freedom Train: The Story of Harriet Tubman unit as soon as I teach through them and make the adjustments I need to.

I also wanted to share a picture of my latest cross-stitch piece.  I think all the snowmen turned out so pretty.  It would make a cute little pillow, but I haven’t decided how to finish it yet.

back to school

I also have a bunch of random shots that don’t seem to go together.  Here they are as follows: (1) Firecracker putting together some Cars Legos, (2) We’re still steadily plugging away at the Thriving Family Around the World in 60 Days.  We’re only doing it two or three days a week though, (3) always Kindle time in this house, (4) the big kids sitting and waiting for me to come read to them, (5) a Lego birthday, (6) little kids with stickers, (7) Legos all spread out on my table, (8) Owlet playing with some soft princess dolls, (9) Owlet brushing her ponies, (10) also, she loves to paint, and (11) play my Kindle.  (12) Monkey has several new Lego cars that Firecracker made him to play with.

around the house

We also had spend the night company, went and ate at a Japanese restaurant (to try some Japanese foods), and did a whole bunch of things related to A Good Night for Ghosts.   I’ll post more about that when I post our August Reads in a day or two.

I think that about does it for the past couple of weeks. 🙂


6 thoughts on “An Overdue Update

    1. Thank you! Of course, I am looking forward to trying your fall pastel e-book. I think I have as much fun as the kids do. 🙂

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