Osceola and Masking Tape Roads

The past two weeks have been those lazy summertime type of weeks that everyone needs every now and then.  We mostly lazed around the house, went swimming at my in-laws house, and had playdates with friends that were going back to school (Yes.  The school kids went back this week here in Georgia.  It gets earlier and earlier every year it seems.).

I have been busy putting up tomatoes.  I haven’t done a birds of the air picture in a while, so I thought I’d show you all the food that we’ve been given the past two weeks or so, mostly from my parents or my in-laws.  The pretty little casserole dish was a door prize at WMU this month, and I just love it 🙂  We have the best families, and God is very good to us.

birds of the air

In other news, we had a masking tape road stretch across three rooms of our house for almost a week.   I started making it as rainy day fun for Monkey and Owlet.  Firecracker and Rose took it over later and seriously expanded it!

the road

Firecracker has also been making a ton of easy origami.  He’s almost completely finished with the book
I got him. I think I’m going to buy him a better origami book soon 🙂 The creation he was most proud of was his “Munching Mice.”  He made at least a dozen of them.  Then, he gave them “cutie marks” and played a variation of My Little Pony with them.


We’ve also continued to read about Osceola and make notebooking pages about him.  The notebooking pages are the simple biography pages at the Notebooking Fairy and the coloring pages are from a Dover Indian Tribe coloring book.  The timeline pages that we’re currently using come from Guesthollow.


We also made Seminole Indian headdresses and did some necklace beading this week.  I thought Rose was very cute.  She was so excited that she wore her headdress to church and then was disappointed that none of the other children knew it was a Seminole headdress.  I told her that none of the other children were studying Indian tribes at school right now 🙂

By the way, the headdress pattern we used came from Native American History Pockets.  That’s a good book for simple projects that teach that there are really different Native cultures.



The collage below is full of around the house randomness from the past two weeks.  (1) Owlet tried out underwear but isn’t quite ready for potty training; (2) Monkey fell and bumped his head and then carried around an ice bag for two days.  He might be attention hungry 🙂 (3) Owlet loves playing Kindle (4) One day all four kids took some boxes we had around the house and made their own train (5) Rose with here three beaded necklaces.  We learned that Seminole women often wore as many as 200.  Can you imagine? (6) I just finished cross-stitching a little barn and cow scene.  It’s so cute! Rose keeps asking me to let her have it. (7) Owlet is trying to give up naps, but she still falls asleep in the most unusual places (8)  Computer games can be fun for everyone (9) Owlet’s been carrying My Little Pony dolls (and everything else) around in one of Rose’s old Hello Kitty boots.  That girl needs a purse!!


around the house


Well, that’s our last two weeks in a nutshell.  I can’t wait to visit all the other College Friday participants and see how their weeks were 🙂



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