The kids’ changes to my curriculum plan

Since we’re a  very-relaxed, semi-unschooly type of family, I decided to come back and share with you what my kids decided to do with the curriculum plan that I posted earlier this week.  I just want to help you get a picture of how we decide what we’re going to study together….just in case you wonder how these things really work out.


Rose:  “If I finish these Bob books, can I have an ice cream party?”  Me:  “Well, maybe a playdate.”

Firecracker:  “Yep.  I’m going to read all those books.”  Me:  “Do you want to read one now?”  Firecracker:  “No.  Not really.”

We’ll have to see how that goes 🙂


Rose:  “Why would we ever want to add and subtract? No! No! No!”  (Well, she’s only 6 and already has math anxiety.)

Firecracker:  “Why would we want to start again at Apples?  Let’s finish reading the books instead.”

It looks like we’re going to read Life of Fred–Ice Cream and Jelly Beans.  Then, maybe we can make some math game lapbooks and restart at Apples.  In the meantime, I’m going to look at some math apps and computer games for the kids, as well as playing cards games, store and games like Monopoly that work practical math skills.

I’m just going to tweak my math plan to make it a little more relaxed for the kids because math isn’t worth all the tears that I’ve made Firecracker cry over it in the past.

In addition, for math and english practice, the kids are going to do a skill sheet/worksheet for each subject each morning.  That will help build some of those skills that we might otherwise  miss.  (These will be gentle practice and not bunches and bunches of problems.)

Literature Studies

Rose generally picks out the books for those.  Firecracker is largely indifferent, but he does participate in the activities. We’re poised to start The Bears on Hemlock Mountain the next day that Firecracker doesn’t have to work.


Forget my science plan, Firecracker suddenly has a burning desire to do Amanda Bennett’s Handsome Horses unit study.  Then, we’ll go from there.  Firecracker generally decides our science type studies, and Rose participates, but doesn’t enjoy the endeavor nearly as much as Firecracker.


It turns out that both kids have a real excitement at the idea of studying Native American tribes.  Rose has looked at More Than Moccasins: A Kid’s Activity Guide to Traditional North American Indian Life (A Kid’s Guide series) and History Pockets: Native Americans and wants to make every project in the books.  Firecracker looks forward to reading about Indians because he loves American Indians and can’t wait to make his own bow and arrows.  Who knew?  I  certainly didn’t know that it would be such an exciting study topic for them until I told them I was wanting to study.


Anyway, each family and each homeschool is different, but I just was amused and excited this morning about how the kids and I each add and exciting element to the things that we study.  As for the toddlers, all I have to do is to say, “Do you guys want to color?  Do you want to paint?  Let’s read stories!” and they’re excited to participate 🙂


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