Our One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

This week we’ve been doing a very relaxed unit study on One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish.  It was really much too old for my two and three year old to have read to them.  They only got to the part where the fish was “very very bad.”  🙂

Even Rose said, “Are we going to read that really long book again?”  We don’t read it very often and we always forget that it is so long.  Firecracker enjoys the book now at eight, but did not do many of the activities because he’s starting to get old enough to outgrow my preschool fun.

One of the first things we did was to make tissue paper red fish and blue fish.  Firecracker’s fish are actually the ones that are colored red and blue because he didn’t want to get his hands dirty with glue and tissue paper.  You can find the fish template that I used here.

One Fish Two Fish


We also used the printable pack from Homeschool Share to add in some more activities.  We used their graph to graph our colors of fish.  We used the bulls eye game from the pack to count goldfish.


We also used the venn diagram to diagram the differences between a human and a fish after reading What’s It Like to Be a Fish?  We also used the worksheet in the pack on sorting animals by the number of legs that they have.

We painted our own fishbowls.  I free handed the bowls and mixed corn syrup and blue food coloring for paint.  After the kids painted, we put cut-out fish and grass into our bowls.  The one below is Monkey’s masterpiece.  (You might notice that the fish on the bowl are actually the fish for pattern making in the Homeschool Share One Fish Two Fish pack)


I also did one other writing activity with Firecracker and Rose.  In the activity, the kids were supposed to come up with a made up character (like in the book) that does something that rhymes with his name.  This is Firecracker’s:


And this is Rose’s.


I thought that it was about time to move on after that assignment 🙂  Thank you Homeschool Share for all the great ideas and printables to go with One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.  This was a fun summer mini-unit.


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